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Some info about our cars.

So you wanna read more about us? Ok, here ya go. Let's start with the cars.
Our first car was Dave's 1969 Dodge Dart GT. It is powered by a mild 360 engine and has run a best of 13.24 @ 101.58. It is fully equipped with full interior etc. and is of course street legal. It may not be a wild super street machine, but low 13's with a RV cam small block is not too bad. It is a consistent and fun car to drive. At this time, the Dart is at Dave's, waiting to be returned to a cruiser. All the things (fuel pump, carb, gears, etc.) that were needed from it were returned to the Aspen. And with Dave being so busy with his company, it has been kinda pushed to the back of the list for now. Hopefully it'll make it back to the streets soon!!
My car is a 1977 Dodge Aspen. It is built as a full race car with roll cage and so on. Right now it has a mild 440 engine and has turned a best of 12.53 @ 107.32. Future plans for the Aspen is to put in a stronger engine to run NHRA's Super Street class. Well that is still the eventual plan. But first things first. It has to actually LOOK like a race car before worrying about going faster. At least for me it does. So that is the goal for now. Getting the looking part down, then worry about going faster. 'Sides, the budget is a little small right now to be adding enough go fast gooodies to run the 10's. But eventually......... Oh, you say you don't see any tales here, well they are over here
And thanks so much to Dave Foley, Harold Didluck, and Delta Tech for all their support.

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