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In 1996, I found out that when running a 160mph dragster, one shouldn't back out of the throttle at the top end.
The next year, I did manage to set a track record. No easy feat for a bracket car!! But the record is shall we say...Dubious at best....... Also in In 1997, I ended up 25th overall. Not too bad considering that I had completely missed two races. Just the points from showing would have placed me in 12th. Although for whatever reason Saturday seemed to be my day!! My overall round win/loss record was 21W/9L. Saturday I was 16 round wins to only 4 round losses, but Sunday was 5/5. Go figure. But there was still a few trips into the money. And the Aspen ran great!! There were so many times the car did it's job running the number. One race was only a mov of .001 sec Kinda close if you ask me. Sorry Lance. I had ta do it. It never failed, each round Lance and I ran was a good one. I was able to take 2 of 3 against him.
Now the year is fuzzy, but I think it was still in 1997, at the Hot August Night things were tailor made for a story. Oh, you don't see anything about what RHRT stood for? Well you can here. And if that isn't enough reason to use the RHRT title, how about this

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