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Here you can take a look at a few books we think are great choices for racers and race fans, and all are available through Barnes and Noble online. Cover pictures and information are all available through the linked pages.

Pro Stock Drag Racing by Martin Hintz and Kate Hintz
Describes the sport of pro stock racing and the vehicles and various people involved.
Bracket Racing by Tony Sakkis. A basic guide to drag racing's most popular and fastest growing class. Includes information on: rules and regulations, driving techniques, engine setup, safety, and more.
Drag Racing: Drive to Win by Frank Hawley With Mark Smith. A teriffic book written by NHRA champion drag racer Frank Hawley delving into the mental aspect of drag racing and offers insite on mental preparation so important in racing.
Drag Racing: How to Get Started by Frank A. Hawley With Mark Smith. Another book by Frank Hawley with page after page of useful information for new drag racers.
High Performance: The Culture and Technology of Drag Racing 1950-1990 by Robert C. Post Merritt Roe Smith (Series) This is a history of drag racing, 'from the earliest races on rural airfields to the 300 miles-per-hour runs of today. . . . {The author} also examines the growth of the sport and the role of television, specialty magazines, and corporate sponsorship in . . . professional drag racing." (Libr J) Annotated bibliography. Index.
Motorcycle Drag Racing by Martin Hintz and Kate Hintz. Describes motorcycle dragsters and their sport; includes a history

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