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So you know, there has been one good thing about not getting to the track. It was having the time to finally get my bike running again!! Major cool!! It's nothing tooooo wild or crazy, a 1983 Honda CBX550F. I'm not going to complain about 50 mpg and 12 second ETs! The coolest part about that bike, is that it was only exported to Canada in limited numbers. So it's a little uncommon to have ever seen one, let alone see one these days. Another thing is that mine is the less common blue/white/red color scheme.

Anyway......So what is actually happening with GBR? Well things are finally (albeit slooooowly) getting going here again. I finally have a truck, although not a real winner. But since the old 'Doba finally vanished into a sea of ferrous cancer, I had to get something. This one has seen a few, ummmm, farm incidents? But at least it is a start. With the car, the body is closing in on completion. The bad fenders and door are already replaced, and the body work is nearly finished. Then a major sanding and it is finally ready for some real paint. Finally, no longer will it be one of the ugly ducklings of the track! It may not go any faster right now, but at least it will look like something! I do have some go fast stuff too, like a NICE solid lifter cam, but since I would need some good heads, and a better intake, so that will have to wait.

My goal for this year, WAS to try and make it to the track before the end of the 2000 season, and to try and run the full 2001 season. But I ran into a little snag. Well, ok it's not a snag, it is a wonderful thing, as we adopted a terrific little girl this year. And are in the process of adopting her brother. So that kinda takes most of my free time in summers. That's why the 2000 part never panned out, but I am still looking to 2003!! So watch out racers, GBR is coming back!! Ok, so since 93 I really haven't been serious enough to be a threat, at least on Sundays, but on Saturdays, I'm gunning for the cashola!! Well that is about all for now, but hopefully there will be some more good news in the coming months with GBR!

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