Books To Help You Rebuild Your Flathead Ford

There are a number of excellent books available that you can use to help get your flathead powered Ford back on the road again. This list is by no means complete and is in not in any order of preference. It only includes books that I'm aware of.


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By Ron Ceridono

Tex Smith Publishing Co.

Published 1995

Covers the flathead history, rebuilding, things to do, things to avoid, etc., plus some flathead stuff you may never have heard of or seen before. Worthwhile. A few minor occasional typos that do not affect anything of consequence. 202 pages. ISBN 1-884089-11-9


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By Frank Oddo

Fisher Books

First published 1997

A very good book which is a compilation of a series of articles that appeared in a hot rod magazine a few years back. Very detailed. Covers all aspects of putting a reliable V8 together. Also adds information on putting a modern oil filtration system on your flathead.

By Ron Bishop

TAB Books

First published 1981

A step by step approach to disassembly and overhaul of the Ford and Mercury V8 engines produced between 1932 and 1953. Details things you can to salvage a flathead V8 that others may have consigned to the scrap heap. 140 pages. ISBN 0-8306-2066-4

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By Jim Richardson

Restoring a pre-war classic or vintage automobile can be an enormously satisfying and rewarding experience, but a restoration can also turn quickly into a costly nightmare. This fully illustrated guide--designed to avoid commonly encountered problems--guarantees a smooth and successful restoration. 250 photos and drawings.

By Bill Sinclair


By Tom Brownell

Motorbooks International

First published 1993

A good book for the Ford truck restorer. This book is not limited to the flathead Ford, but worthy of mention. Easy to read, lots of tips on how to make special tools to simplify the job.

By James H. Moloney (Editor)

By Mike Davidson

Graffiti Publications

First published 1995

A well written book from a place you wouldn't expect the old Ford flathead to have a following: Australia! Ford is, and always has been the #1 car builder Down Under and that explains the origin of this book. Covers all aspects of rebuilding and hot rodding the Ford flathead V8 engine. If you're ever at a Swap Meet or Show & Shine in Victoria or South Australia, watch for Mike. Chances are very good that he'll be there and maybe you can get your copy of his book autographed! Eighty valuable and very informative pages.

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By Ray Miller

The Evergreen Press

First published 1972, 12th printing 1994

Covers Ford cars between the years 1932 and 1943. This book does not go into rebuilding or overhauling engines or any other component for that matter. However this is an excellent manual for restorers of Ford automobiles when trying to identify parts as to year and application or how it all fits together. 304 pages. ISBN 0-913056-02-2

By "California" Bill Fisher

Fisher Books

First published in 1952, reprinted in 1995

A retrospective on how things were done back in the '50s to make the Fords go faster, things you can still do today! Covers all engines, from Model A through to the famous flathead V8. Describes how to make your Ford go faster on the street, or dirt track, lowering and channelling your racer, etc.. 128 interesting pages. ISBN 1-55561-105-2


by Catherine Gourley

by George H. Dammann


by Henry Ford

by Neil Baldwin

by Haydn Middleton, illustrated by Tony Morris

Written for children

by Samuel Crowther

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by David L. Lewis


One of the more popular columns in Cars & Parts Magazine is Ford Country, authored by David L. Lewis. Now you can own this compilation of material from the column's first 13 years in a new, deluxe hardbound book. You'll read all about the Ford family, the company Henry Ford built, its many products, and related people, places and things.


by Harold L. Brock

Brock began his career at Ford Motor Company in 1929 at the age of 15 and went on to become the chief engineer of tractor engineering from 1939 to 1959. He recalls his experience working for three famous Fords: Henry, Edsel, and Henry II. He highlights major technical accomplishments of the late 1920s through the 1950s and tells stories of challenges the company faced with growing competition in the industry. Includes b&w personal and product photos.

Pages: 192
ISBN: 0-8227-0025-5
Published: Petersen Publishing Co.
8490 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angles, CA 90069
Phone: 213-657-5100

This book is now out of print but may still be available from parts dealers, at swap meets, etc.

By Bruce M. Kneifl

Motorbooks International

Published in 1992.

Lists 800 sources for parts, services, supplies. Getting a little dated due to the proliferation of new telephone area codes, businesses coming and going and such, but still a good manual to have around. 160 pages. ISBN 0-87938-572-3

This book is now out of print but may still be available from parts dealers, at swap meets, etc.

Compiled by Dan Post

Post- Era Books

First published 1977

Before 1948, Ford didn't issue shop manuals. They sent out Service Bulletins instead. Use these factory issued service bulletins for service guidance, and to determine running changes in specifications of parts and equipment. Identifies production changes, engineering changes, changes of parts suppliers, etc. 380 pages. ISBN 911160-34-5

This book is now out of print but may still be available from parts dealers, at swap meets, etc.


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