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Begun in 1990, Halloween Alley was intended as a safe alternative for neighborhood children on the scariest night of the year. Many had taken to local shopping malls for their treats; while those who hadn't were unexpected

by motorists on the dark streets. Bullies, too, were still a threat to smaller children. So, community residents created:

"Halloween Alley".

One block was closed off to vehicle traffic (with the help of the city) and that first year three houses were decorated. Each homeowner was responsible for the style and expense of their own decorations. Entire families dressed in costume and over two hundred kids were entertained that night.

Since then, Halloween Alley has grown to include over two dozen houses and, at its peak, over 10,000 visitors in the days up to and including Halloween. Individual themes have ranged from haunted castles and

graveyards to mad scientist's labs and ghastly operating rooms. Elaborate costumes complete the effect. Local businesses were brought on board for donations of treats worth over $1,000. Also, a campaign was started to collect donations of non-perishable food items for the Edmonton Food Bank. 5,900 lbs of food was collected in 1998.

We feel that we have achieved something that many city residents only dream of - a real sense of community. We know our neighbors; we help each other year round; we celebrate birthdays and holidays together; our children play together. Halloween isn't the only thing that draws us together; in 1995 we took first place in the annual "Silly Summer Parade" in Old Strathcona. The theme was StarTrek, and trek we did! We had over 20 people in the entry, all from the same block.

Today, Halloween Alley remains an event, rather than an entity. Participants still fund their own props and decorations, and we depend on sponsors for the donation of treats in support of the Edmonton Food Bank.

New attractions for 2001 include an all new haunted house "Halloween in the Alley", the "Ghastly Gourmet" and the "Ghostly Grounds".


Look for guided "Haunted Tours" coming in 2002.

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International Association of Haunted Attractions

is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
on 147 Street at 103 Avenue.
Many of the displays are set up
a week in advance of October 31 for viewing.

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Please, don't forget the Edmonton Food Bank!

Their staff will be on hand to accept donations of food and/or cash.

Sincere thanks to all of our sponsors, the thousands of visitors over the years

and the residents of Grovenor Community!