We give children anchors 

of love and affection. 

We give them sails 

when we teach them to read.


When to teach the Child:

I have training in teaching theory and have taught school for many years but the method I found was based mainly on being with my new baby and watching how he learned. To see the world through his eyes, his fascination with shapes and textures and lights, to notice his joy at small accomplishments , his incredible sense of logic in asking questions about what I was saying, I saw that any method to teach him to read would have to be from his point of view. I noticed that he started wondering about what I was reading and those marks on the paper at about age 3.  Eventually, I had four children and the younger ones were interested in imitating their siblings at about age 2, but I would say that age 3 is a good place to start. Much research has found that the brain seems tuned in to learning to read at about this time, just as learning a language seems to be very easy for small children.  Signs the child is ready are ready:

How to teach the child?

There are two main ways to teach children to read. The whole language method is currently in many North American schools. It often involves the “quick fix” idea that a child should be shown a word, a picture of what it means and then told to repeat it several times. He then appears to be reading the word. Often this method is extended to sentences or even short stories, a method close to simple memorization of text.

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