We give children anchors 

of love and affection. 

We give them sails 

when we teach them to read.

The results:

I have now taught many kids to read - my own four as my first students, neighbor kids and then ones from across my city. Eventually Supervideo Services filmed the first past of the course onto home video because many parents wanted me to be the instructor in their home and I was interviewed on national radio in Canada. I have been selling this course across the country and have had orders from abroad. I have managed to keep the price very low and am shocked at courses that charge a lot for what is actually quite a simple thing. My books are all available through me. You can just teach the alphabet lower case and basic skills for $30.00 by using level one. You can add to that upper case and long vowels, and skills for several thousand words by using level two for $30 (prices subject to change).  Or you can teach levels one and two in one volume for $45.00.  Levels 3 & 4 are available from this web site under: Order My Course. They are write-in workbooks with all the instructions and exercises right there. Videos available for the first two books can be used alone or with the book. Some parents buy the book only, some the video only, some both. 

Any of these systems works. I have had very enthusiastic results from parents who are thrilled to hear their toddlers going around the house identifying toys by sound of the first letter and trying to sound out words. I am not pretending my method is the only one that works. Many methods work. But this one does, and very logically. The first groups of students are now well into post-secondary, in colleges, universities, professional faculties of law, medicine. One entered the international baccalaureate program at grade 10. I am not saying my method accomplished all that - but my method was part of the voyage.

For a philosophical discussion of the issues regarding teaching reading see the Scientific American March 2002 article entitled "How should reading be taught?"

Some of my customers have been kind enough to let me know how the course worked for them. I will share here a few excerpts of letters and notes I have received:

Margaret K. Pickering

My daughter loved the workbook. We love your method.

Trish C, Calgary

My daughter enjoyed the pages she could breeze through but didn't like the ones that made her think or she just simply didn't understand the point I was trying to make. Then something triggered. We went to her room, she put the p on her pillow, on her puppy, on her purse, my perfume and the potty.  Just when I thought she had it, she put the p on her baby brother's bum.  I said "Bum doesn't start with puh"  She was quick to point out that poop did.  sss was a snap. Thank you for this book!

Feng L. , Toronto

I did enjoy book one. It is wonderful.

Wendy W.

What a delightful pragmatic person you are!

Lea T, British Columbia

My son entered grade 1 with many delays. He did well in verbal and poor in writing and learning of numbers and alphabet. We've now completed the first 8 letters with your course and can't believe that it's all starting to come together for him.  He can easily related the symbols of the letters and remembers them that way. Thank you so much.

Carlene R, Innisfail

My daughter loved it, looked forward to it every day and reminded me when I forgot.  She is flying through level one and is really beginning to get the hang of 3-letter words.

Vanessa P, Maple Ridge 

My son and I have learned a great deal already and are really looking forward to learning more.  It has been so successful.

Shelby G, Edmonton

My daughter preferred the paper and pen tasks to other creative suggestions. I couldn't keep her to a few pages a day. She is proud of her accomplishments.

Jane C., Calgary

We started working on your level one book last Friday afternoon.. My son  is learning very quickly from your book. I wasn't planning to move at such a  fast pace but he is very eager and wants to keep going...I'm so pleased with  how quickly he's learning, how excited he is about it and how much easier  it is for me to have a  system to follow

Bennetta B, Winnipeg

It just got your level one for my 3 year old daughter and I must say it's working out great.  I have a gifted 6 year old who spontaneously read at the age of 2 so we never actually taught him to read anything. Our son is so excited about helping to teach our daughter, it is unbelievable. He traces out the pages of your book to get the letters and the pictures which we repeat often We go over the program at breakfast. Great job! I am so glad I found you!

Lynda P. Toledo

My son has progressed unbelievably with his reading. He is approaching the end of his year in kindergarten and is reading on a second grade level. He was recently  recommended to the administrators of our gifted and talented education program to be tested for his possible inclusion in their special programs. His teacher is very  impressed with his reading. I help out with the kindergarten reading program and I believe that without your program my son would not be where he is. So kudos   to you. What a great program!

J. Pickard, Calgary -

 I've heard wonderful things about your programme from teachers

Nancy C, Saskatoon

My son did not find the work difficult and usually he did one letter per day. My mom, a retired teacher, taught it and they both enjoyed the experience.

D. N. D, Manitoba

Wow! My mother is a teacher and she has never seen anything as brilliant as this.

Charla A,Ottawwa

I am a retired reference librarian from a special library who finds myself by choice, in retirement, looking after my grandson who will be 3 next July.  Your program looks like a wonderful way for us to play with each other.

Carol C, Maple, Ontario

I was introduced to your program while attending my 7 year old's swimming  lessons.  A father was doing your workbook with his 4 year old daughter and she was reading words very clearly.  I was amazed and also have a 4 year old daughter myself and we are now just beginning to learn the alphabet and sounds. He explained your program and I got the website from him.

Dr. Mary E, London

I have found my 6 year old son to be extremely enthusiastic about your  videotapes.  He especially likes the children and their antics for each new letter's sound. I can't tell you how pleased we are, as my son has been so resistant to other methods of learning, finding them too boring or too hard. I have made little cards for him for each letter, with my own small pictures, and he proudly has little books of words he can now read to his 3 year old sister. I think the fact that they learn to read so quickly (in your course) really helps with keeping interest up.

Bev Jaremko

If you would like more information, please write to me.

bjaremko@telus.net          bjaremko@hotmail.com

For those who would like to order over the Internet, I have set that up as a possible option as of Feb 15 2004:


You can also order directly from me by cheque or money order, or just write to get more information in a free brochure.

If you would like to use regular mail please send me a note to

Bev Jaremko
521-18 A St. NW
Calgary, Alberta

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