We give children anchors 

of love and affection. 

We give them sails 

when we teach them to read.

This is an actual workbook children write in and it walks them gently through all of the skills to learn the lower case alphabet, and how to sound out about 500 words, and then the upper case and how to sound out another several hundred words.

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Anchors and Sails also has several other books and DVDs which are available from the author directly.  Author: Bev Jaremko: bjaremko@telus.net.  Some customers purchase the series at once, some one at a time and some prefer only to teach the first two levels or so and then let the schools do the rest.





Anchors and Sails Reading Books ($30 each or $45 for level 1/2 combined)

         Level 1 Reading: the alphabet and how to sound out about 500 words (Level_1 Video Available)

         Level 2 Reading: upper case letters, sh, ch, ph, th combinations, long sounds of vowels, hundreds more words (Level_2 Video Available)

o    Printing and Writing Book: after level 2 learn how to form shapes, letters, numbers, in a logical systematic system and even cursive writing

o    Supplementary Reader ($45): "Hot Stuff" - Reading texts designed to match levels one and two of the course.

         Level 3 Reading: new sounds of c, g, y, s, double vowels, ing, ie, ai combinations and ability to read hundreds more words

         Level 4 Reading: ew, ow, cion, tion, silent letters, odd sounds of gh, ould etc. and ability to read ultimately nearly any word in the language

o    Supplementary Reader ($45): "Ssh...I'm reading" - Reading texts designed to match levels  three and four of the course.

o    Reading Refresher ($45): complete one volume review of levels 1-4 for upper elementary students

         Teachers Guide ($35): "First mate's Guide" - For those who plan to use Anchors and Sails as a base for small group instruction, I have prepared a handbook for teachers that suggests adaptations of the course for such settings - music, poems, props, demonstrations. This handbook also has a detailed skills analysis of the method and a cumulative word list useful for preparing signs, labels and other teaching aids.

Anchors and Sails Reading DVDs Videos ($15 each disk)

On the DVDs there are dramatizations of letters, games, food props, charts, real kids acting out letter-based games etc. It is very useful for parents who would like to have me teach the material for them at their convenience.. It is very useful for parents with several kids since the tapes are reusable and good for kids who are balking at reading but  like watching TV.  It is also useful for small groups nursery schools and daycares. The order of progression is exactly the same as the book's,  so some parents use the book and video together though this is not necessary. 

         Level 1 Reading (3-Disk Set $45): This video set has three 2-hour DVDs covering all of the level one book and skills.

         Level 2 Reading (4-Disk Set $60): This video set has four 2-hour DVDs covering all of the level two book and skills.

Anchors and Sails Specialty Reading Books

         FRENCH: "Ancres Et Voiles" - A 3 volume systematic introduction to the reading of French, ideal for children in the bilingual program at schools. This course uses the Anchors and Sails method giving poems and memory devices in French for children to learn all the letters and their sounds, and then helps children sound out words in French of increasing complexity. Instructions for parents or teachers are in very simple French.

o    Level 1 Reading ($30)

o    Level 2 Reading ($30)

o    Level 3 Reading ($30)

         Learning Challenged: "Anchors and Sails - Intense" - A 3 volume introduction to a systematic series of letters and concrete word names for multiply handicapped children, requiring nearly no hand coordination emphasizing learning through gross physical activities and memory devices

o    Level 1 Reading ($30)

o    Level 2 Reading ($30)

o    Level 3 Reading ($30)

         Adult Learning: "Our Little Secret" -  Two volume reading instruction with comprehensive review of basic skills as well as practical applications reading recipes, train schedules and work related material- useful for adults with reading challenges and available for at-home use with helpful friend monitoring the progression

o    Level 1 Reading ($40)

o    Level 2 Reading ($40)

Anchors and Sails Math Book

         Level 1 Math ($35):  Logical explanations of basic math concepts with poems, games, memory devices and lots of hands-on activities. Numbers, money, adding, subtracting, measuring, card games, dice, geometry, finger math, fractions, introduction to multiplying and to time see http://anchorsailsmath.tripod.com


You can order this book from the author: All materials, including DVDs, can be ordered directly from me at: bjaremko@telus.net and paid by cheque.  Please contact me for bulk orders.

o    ISBN number: 978-0-9866508-0-2


Please add appropriate amount to your total: For orders outside the US and Canada, or for larger orders, please contact me bjaremko@telus.net for an estimate.


         Orders up to $50 please include $15 shipping

         Orders from $50-$100 please include $20 shipping


         Orders up to $50 please include $18 shipping

         Orders from $50-$100 please include $23 shipping

Address cheques and money orders to: (Please also add shipping charges to total amount)

Bev Jaremko
521-18 A St. NW
Calgary, Alberta

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