We give children anchors 

of love and affection. 

We give them sails 

when we teach them to read.

About the author:

The creator of ANCHORS and SAILS is Bev Jaremko B.A.

Bev Jaremko has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, with Distinction , from the University of Calgary. She received her Professional Teaching Certificate in 1970. Bev has taught in Alberta and Ontario Canada as well as studied in several languages. She has recently completed an informal language acquisition study for several post secondary institutions.  Bev began developing her reading instruction materials when her first child wanted to learn to read, at age three. (In her own teaching, she had been saddened to see teens who could not read fluently.) She recognized in her child what teachers call the “teachable moment”: when the pupil is ready and eager to grasp the lesson. Bev looked for reading instruction materials for pre-schoolers but could find nothing that she felt suitable, and decided to develop her own. She taught her four children to read at home, developing and refining her teaching method with each child.

Bev put her teaching materials together in book form and the Anchors and Sails workbooks were born. Bev made these books available to other parents who wanted to teach their children to read at home. She also began private tutoring using her method experiencing great success with her pupils. 

With the Video, your child receives personal tutoring by the creator of Anchors and Sails

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