How    to    Teach    Your    Preschooler    to    Read
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Bev Jaremko
B.A. Prof. Teaching Certificate
A Teacher in Calgary Alberta Canada.

Why teach your child to read?  
Reading is a gateway to success in industrialized society. It is heartbreaking but true that students who canít read well have trouble not only in language class but in all other subjects that require reading and even in written tests in phys ed.  Unfortunately too, when a child does not read well after a certain age, we commonly do not blame the method that people used to teach him which may well be at fault, but we blame him. This does great damage to his self-esteem and to his will to try. He may give  up on himself and quit school early denying for himself even the chance at a high paying job in adulthood. The schools try very hard to teach children to read. However they have several major hurdles. One is class size which makes individual attention to learning style and attention span nearly impossible. Another is the tendency of departments of education to assign certain teaching methods or texts in fads, so that if a certain child needs one method, this may not be available to him easily because those in charge require another method.   For several years now for instance, many schools have been using the whole word or whole language method. While this method works for some children, it does not seem to work for all. Sometimes parents are worried that a child that can read before school will be bored in school. What actually happens is usually the reverse. A child who can read not only feels great joy in school since it is easy for him, but he can amuse himself and read when he has finished his other work.

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