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Little Flower Christmas 2011 by Richard Kyllo

October 26, 2011 by Richard Kyllo

Little Flower Photo Galleries by Tracy Kolenchuk

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July 4, 2001 .... Our Third Anniversary ..... click below for snapshots by Ron Taylor

Regge Bob, Breezy with Kenny & John, Cathy, The Crowd, Dennis, Dennis with Pats & Bri, Doc & Maurice, the early croud, Eric, The Great Croud, Jan & Ron, Liza Jane, Mary Rankin with John and Winston, Back Street Rob, Trudy, Uwe, Wilma Paul & Pops,

June 20, 2001 ...... click for snapshots by Ron Taylor

Back Alley Rob, Katie, Randall, Brian Gregg, Janice Weist, Jan & Bri, Liza Jane

Second Anniversary July 1, 2000

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