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Brian Gregg's Guest Book

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I came by chance to the page and listened to "Spirit of a stone", the sounds are very calming, I liked it ,
Marina, from Argentina ... April 17, 2012

Dave and Brenda Fisher
I like your dissertation on supporting local artists and their music ; more people need to give local talent a chance . I know that the people I have taken to “local talent “ have been pleasantly surprised . I will continue to spread the word and send “your word” onward to other potential converts!

A friend of Brian Gregg the one from wisconsin,

Your cd really blows ass , i am almost positive that you were complety stoned

while making it, what sexuality are you ?

note from Breezy:

I just had to respond to Billbob's question.

I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body

Bill Williamson,,

Last day of '04 and I'm still in the hunt for guitar-ed. I've bought several interactive programs but honest to goodness you have the best going that I've seen. I know enough to help

teach a course but I'm still banging strings. I'm going to spend my new year

engrossed in your site. I'm in NC, Brian. Where are you? Have a blessed,

safe and happy new year!

Brian Gregg

hey your name is the same as mine


Hello to Breezy and crew

Look out for some wiked funky music


Live DJ's every evening



also Nino Pipito' now in house music!!!

Dan, birthday flowers,,,

Interesting website. Also if you think my site is a good resurce,

maybe you'll review it and comment it. Or even have a small link in your

links area.

Thanks in advance.


Great site!


Heya Breezy, long time no

see. I heard about your web sight and had to check it out. Very Cool !!!

Talk to ya later.



just started learning the guitar and your site has helped me out,

any tips of the trade would be appritiated

J&S Project,,

Hi friends, your website is very nice!!!

We are J&S italian dj and producers house music.

Please listen our new release Hidden Sky

Tyler Mueller

Ur website's hott Budda

James gearey

I can't tell you how much this site has helped me to learn the basics. Thanks alot!!!!!!

Nancy Dunham

Thank you so much for putting your site on line. I need to learn to play and have wanted to play since I was young. I do have a guitar and can't thank you enough for all the work that you have put into your site. I am from Whitby Ontario, just outside of Toronto. If you ever come out this way, please let me know and I will make a point to come out and see you. Keep in touch.

Thanks Again Brian

Nancy Dunham

Marty Salloum,,

Enjoyed you and Patsy at the Ottewell. Thanks for all your support!!


good stuff

janice wiest

Hey Bri!

All I can say is you are awesomely excellant!

See you wednesday!



hey brian..

i just went to your site her for the first time, (visitor # 5485 ) WOW

i,m impressed.. you are the MAN say i bet a lot of people must be

wondering who the photographer was on your great into shot... luv. U.

Brian Ally,,

Hi Brian,

Good music you and Patsy playing across from Canada Place. It was nice

talking to you guys and keep up the good work.

Also nice website, the colors had my imagination working for a bit.

Have a nice day in the sun.


james thacker,

hey brian, hows the sauce!!!


Great Site




Hey Brian,

Great site, so educational in fact I'm refering it to my daughter and

nephew for guitar lessons. Thanks for teaching the hopefuls. Henri says

hello and Happy New Year 2002.


.................. ......................

yo yo yo waz up

waz up

darkocean,,, Wahhh! I love your site!

This is a virtual pet site it is very COOL!

after joining would you please vote for my pet as a thank you?

Randy Smallman

Haven't checked your site for a while. Bunches of cool new stuff.

Love the secret guitar lessons and will use them. Thanks.

Play on, Bri-guy


Hello Brian,

I had so much fun playing those tunes with you at the Windsor Hotel.

Listening to you play with the Lou Pride Band was sheer enjoyment. You're a

fabulous player and a nice guy to boot. Keep up the great music!

Paul Currie,

great sight Brian.

it was great to play at little flower last night with Randy and my son Zack.

the Hooligans will return!!!!

Diane Ellery/Sheril Woolgar,

Hey, Bri! Sheril and

I really enjoyed the Little Flower vibe last night! We both need to get

out and do this type of thing more often! Hope to see you again soon. Let

us know if you need a few casual yodelers in the future...

Love, Diane,


hey pretty cool page...are you on neopets?

if so how many neopoints do you have?? thanks alot...the site looks cool!!


cool page!~*~!


Your homepage is cute

please trying hard.

Miriam, Harry and Charlotte,

good page harry's daddy.-miriam

nice page dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -harry

Youre cool!-char



back away, not todayyyy

Sexy lady!!

Tue, 23 Jan 2001


Ay Caramba!!

Sun, 21 Jan 2001

Moses & Craig

Hey dad just lookingat your site its very nice

especialy the "don't click Breezys nose" part

Love Moe & Craig

Sun, 31 Dec 2000

sharn andrews


very cool breezy

Sun, 17 Dec 2000

Ken Marsh

To my talented and creative buddy Brian,


Fri, 08 Dec 2000

Colin McLeay

Breezy is a great talent and the world deserves to have it's


nerve tickled by his tunes

Thu, 30 Nov 2000


Hey Brian,

Love your new C.D.!! Great music and great songwriting

Tue, 28 Nov 2000

Paul F. Gregg esq.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Mon, 30 Oct 2000

Moses Gregg

Great guest book dad. I also like the web page.

Love Mosie

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