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July 17, 2010

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Summer 2010 - Bling, Bella, Caemon, Edge, Rogue, Kenya and Cairo....Felicity down in


Welcome to "my" website!! Mom says I have to share webspace with my, eh hem, 'wife' Kenya and some of our kids, but it really is all about me!  We also have an older brother named Beh-Jeh, but he is old and just likes to sleep. And in my opinion, he is kinda funny looking! He has a tail!!! HA HA HA!!! And thick fur, and isn't even black and tan!! Poor guy. There are also two stinky cats that live here. Ssshhhhh, don't tell mom that we chase them all the time ok?


I am Caemon or the other name my mom calls me when I'm doing stuff I am not supposed to is Multi V-Rated Am. Ch/Select Can. Ch Rothburg's Kourage Under Fire ZtP CDX Am CD BH DDX HIC CS CI CGC. It is a mouthful for her and by the time she says it all I am long gone!! Hee Hee.

Caemon and Isabella Spring 2006


We live in a place called Calgary, Alberta and I love it here. We go swimming, and hiking and running, something fun usually everyday. There are mountains, and lakes and rivers and parks and bike paths, so much to do with so little time. I love to swim, and even when there is ice on the top, I still love it.

I make fun of the chicken dogs who won't come in. Unfortunately, my brat sister still follows me! She thinks she can do everything that I do!! Goofy kid! Don't tell my mom, but I do sometimes think she is pretty cool, and really brave, and boy is she pretty!! When she is in trouble, and that is a lot, mom calls her BISS Mulit BOSS VVN1 Most Beautiful Female Puppy Am /Cdn Ch Eternal Moon C.E.O. CD TD DD BH TT CGC.

She is not your typical girl though, she loves getting dirty and ripping toys and being crazy. I think it is pretty funny when she runs around the yard going mach 20! Silly girl. I could catch her if I wanted to, but I just let her run, then she doesn't bug me so much.

Arson and Kenya FLYING!

My mom and dad are Traci and Danny Geremia, pretty cool parents if I do say so myself. My mom is a k9 massager and so I get a massage nearly everyday! I looooove it! Mom also takes us everywhere with her, puppy stores and dog parks and puppy shows and puppy classes. I am never bored. My dad is pretty cool too. He is gone all day, but when he comes home he plays ball with me all the time. If he forgets that we are playing, I remind him by dropping the ball on his lap. The more drool on it the faster he throws it for me so I try to put extra spit on it just for him.

He is a professional picture taker too, so I am always, always posing for pics, he takes good ones as you will soon see. If you are interested in talking to him about pics for your furkids, there is info on the last page.


We Were NOT Rolling on the Beach!

I have so many Aunties and Uncles that love me and so many nieces and nephews to play with, skinkids I mean. I LOVE kids. It is really easy to lick their faces, I don't even have to jump. It's even easier when they back into a corner, sometimes they are laughing so hard that they can't get away. Soo much fun. Better than skinkid girls are skinkid boys, I mean, they are the best thing in my world. We don't have any that live with us, but my real sister Dixie; Rothburg's Katzenjammer Kid CD CGC has three of her very own. She is soo lucky, but she does share them with me whenever I go over there. She is great!! They throw balls for me, and rub my tummy and even let me sleep in bed with them, kinda squished, but I wouldn't give it up for anything!

Summer fun at the Lake; (l to r) Star, Caemon, Cairo, Kenya and Arson and in the back, no, not a black Rott, a black Lab buddy named Cayenne.

Well, I should let you peruse the rest of the site, make sure to have a look at my page, there are lots of show pics and certificates and stuff. Kenya has some pretty cute pics too.
Have fun, I hope you all enjoy "MY" site!!




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