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What is a Sticky Pet?

It is basically a sticker, but of better quality. You can even drive through a car wash.

These are permanent pet decals for indoors or out. Which means you cannot remove them without destroying them.

They are made of high quality vinyl, with an outdoor average lifespan of seven years.

Sticky Pets decals have no background, just the outline color. You can place these decals almost anywhere.

Decals are easy to install, all in one step.


Where do I stick them...?

Vehicle body or windows, boats and watercrafts, snowboards, flower pots, dog dishes, pet carriers, glass or mirrors, walls, doors and cabinets… Any smooth flat surface.



How Do I remove them...?

Sticky Pets can easily be removed by heating them with a blow dryer and peeling them off. Or on glass with a razor blade and soapy water.


Fade resistant and car wash safe…. Just don’t hit them with your snow scraper!!


Are they easy to apply? Yes I send instructions with photographs or watch our short YouTube video below..



YouTube search username: Stickypets1com

Sticky Pets

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