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Use this CDnow! button under each artists link to go to their area within CDNOW where you can browse and even buy their albums. There are sound samples for many albums. CDNOW is the best online music store I've come across so far. They have a good selection of all kinds of music and they have good prices. They have a secure server for orders and they will even take PGP encrypted orders too if you are really paranoid about web commerce. Use this form to search the CDnow site.
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Song Title

Beatown : XTC page

Beastie Boys

The Black Page!
Frank Zappa

The Internet Music Store : Main Page

Chalkhills: Your XTC Resource


Collective Soul

The Doors

Elephant Talk
: Robert Fripp and King Crimson page

Elvis Costello


Search The Online Guitar Archive
Just select the types of files you are looking for, and then enter the song or artist's name (or any combination of the song and artist, in any order):
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Internet Underground Music Archives

Kate Bush

Laurie Anderson

Meredith Brooks
Meredith Brooks


The Online Guitar College

The Rutles
The Rutles

St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage
: Frank Zappa page

Sarah McLachlan

Sophie B. Hawkins

Tori Amos : little fascist panties

They Might Be Giants

The Waterboys


Apolyton Civilization Site

Art Comics
Bettie Page
bianca's Smut Shack
Deep Sea Comics
Publisher's of "Reid Fleming: World's Toughest Milkman"

The Dominion
Happy Puppy Games
I come from the 'net...

The Red Green Show

Spmc's Wonderful World of Cartoons

Steve Jackson Games
Top Cow Productions
Top Cow Productions

Up Front Entertainment
WildStorm Online
Wildstorm Online

The Games Domain
The Linux Game Tome

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