A tribute to Clarence's hero and role model, Rube Goldberg

Clarence's power hacksaw

Pattern for sand-casting the Aluminum wheels, MFD, finished with acrylic primer

Hole cutting on sprocket

Swage blocks for muffler (2" x .049 tubing)

Swage blocks for muffler (1" x .049 tubing)

Hydro Forming setup

Hydro Formed signal light bucket, .016 Type 321 Stainless Steel

Machined patterns, silicone molds and cast Urethane signal lens

Beading attachment and signal light bucket

"Pyramid" type roller forming gizmo

The Clarence Fender Bender

Indexing attachment at work

Tubing Bender made from flange found on highway

English Wheel

English Wheel detail

Gas tank Buck

Bender Mark II (parts)

Bender Mark II

Pattern & silicone molds for taillight lens

Sheet metal "brake"

Pattern for forming sheet metal bag cover

Pattern, mold and wax for casting fender tip (see videos)

New improved hydro-forming jig (see videos)

Timing the Hoglet cam

New Home Built Oven Mk II

MDF patterns for casting engine cases

Silicone molds and wax for investment casting

OLD SPARKY, the Clarence home-built cam grinder

OLD SPARKY in action

Chain drive that doubles the speed of the lead screw

Double helix hob for cutting oil pump worm wheel