Project Photos

Brake/throttle bracket

Brake/throttle bracket assembly

Handle bar assemblies


Pattern and castings

Completed wheel

Brake disk



Fork lowers

Fork assembly

Axle detail

3 fork assemblies

Gearbox components 1

Gearbox components 2

Swing Arm

Frame components 1

Frame components 2

Frame components on jig 1

Frame components on jig 2

Pressing in bearing race

Installing steering head bearing

Checking bearing clearance

Original hydraulic jack components

New and rebuilt jack components

Floor jack

Wheeling the tank shell

Tank components

Upper and lower tank shells

Leak test


Dash board 1

Dash board 2

Captain Canada 1

Licence Plate

License Plate

Rear support and trim tubing

Rear suspension

Saddle bag panel

Weld detail

Forming sheet metal for bag cover

Rear fender tip (see videos)

Front shock sleeves & headlamp nacelle

Sleeves & nacelle installed

Headlamp reflector (see videos)

Building Hoglet - the crank

Building Hoglet - crank and rods

Building Hoglet - crankcase

Building Hoglet - the pistons

Building Hoglet - cam (see videos)

Building Hoglet - bottom end in chassis

Building Hoglet - building a valve

Building Hoglet - head components

Building Hoglet - engine in chassis

Building Hoglet - the pipes!

Building Hoglet - oil bag

Building Hoglet - electronics

Building Hoglet - carburetor

Building Hoglet - SHE RUNS!

MDF patterns for "Shovlet" crank cases

Silicone molds for "Shovlet" crank cases

Poured wax plug for "Shovlet" crank cases

ZA12 castings for "Shovlet" crank cases

Castings assembled, some machining done

Castings and original, 1984 crank case

Cases with 1974 cylinders and 1979 pistons

Prototype cam shaft

JackAll - Fun and games in Clarence's shop!

Double helix oil pump worm gear

Worm drive in gear case

A Harley universal joint?

Test/Run-in Bench

Transparent acrylic oil pump body

Setup for testing oil circulation and pressures

Nose cone with ignition timing adjustment

Oil Tank

Oil tank installed

Testing the lifter timing

MDF patterns for casting the rocker boxes

Rocker boxes - rough casting

Rocker and rocker box

A rare view - the combustion chamber!

Partially machined head and rocker box

Piston ring, wrist pin, and teflon spacers

Installing the capacitor discharge ignition system

Machining the rear primary sprocket

Clutch basket and plates

Temporary primary drive backing plate

Bendix starter components

Starter installed and tested