Project Photos - Building a Mini Lathe

Finished cutting the first gear - close up

Typical gear - showing size

Mini Norton Box components

Mini Norton Box - bottom view

Mini compound and big rebuilt 10 tpi crossfeed lead screw

Start machining bed - drilling

Machining bed

Machining bed - undercut

Machining bed openings

Lapping bed on surface plate

Setup for cutting mini lead screw - Acme 16 tpi

Lead screw installed - thrust washer end

Spanners for thrust washer

Machining the rack

Apron with handwheel gearing

Bronze half nuts

Verifying gear ratios, feed rates

Posing - progress photo

Motor mount - rear view


Chuck keys & toolpost wrenches

Home built power switch

Calibrating speeds with laser tach

Starting the tail stock

Boring the tailstock

Tailstock and chip tray

Headstock cover

Posing - headstock cover

Thread counter

Thread counter installed

Headstock gear train & paint job!

Finished! Posing - oblique

Finished! Posing - front view

Finished! Posing - closeup