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COMPACT: Complete Package Technology (2000), Ltd.
Head Office / Manufacturing Facility
2887 Parsons Road
Edmonton, Alberta
T6N 1A3
Phone: (780) 465-4200 Fax: (780) 465-1001
Sales Office
2904 Parkdale Boulevard
Calgary, Alberta
T2N 3S9
Phone: (403) 270-4570 Fax: (403) 270-7666


Complete Package Technology (2000) Ltd. (COMPACT) manufactures a complete range of products for the Oil, Gas, Petro-Chemical and Forestry industries.

This website is designed to provide customers with an overview of the products and services offered by COMPACT; process equipment to meet specific requirements can also be designed anf manufactured.

COMPACT is commited to quality and manufactures products to numerous standards and customer specifications at our ASME approved fabrication shop. All manufactured components undergo a thourough Quality Control inspection to ensure conformance to ASME or applicable codes and customer specifications during all stages of fabrication and prior to shipment.

This site is maintained by COMPACT. Last update: 2004/04/12