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This site exhibits just a few of my photos related to nature and the environment, concentrating on Canada. And, yes, I do other work, which you can see in my “Assorted” gallery.

Becoming a serious photographer became a necessity because of my past employment, which included work as a park naturalist, conservation education programmer, park planner, park interpretive consultant and interpretive writer. I continue to provide contract consulting services in these areas.  Much of my work necessarily involved photography - from documenting events to documenting nature subjects. Photography was part of the job I really enjoyed.

As a freelance photographer, I continue to concentrate on nature subjects. I consider my photography as a way to open people’s eyes to facets of the enviroment that they take for granted, should care about, or are unaware of. One of my goals is to encourage people to treat our environment as if their life depended on it (because it does). And I hope to show off some of Canada’s beauty and charm . 

My photographs have appeared in government publications, calendars, posters, books, and  other publications in Canada and the U.S. 

All photos on this site are owned by Brian Crawford, are copyrighted, and may only be used with permission.