Misc. Sculpture

Artisan: Jase Carson.

Artform: Bone Carving.

The ring below, is personalized for my pinky finger. At size '10', it's been hand sanded smooth and pinky/forefinger niche` removed for comfortability. The bone used is Deer antler.


    These two necklaces were meant to mimic the 'Rising Sun', chinese emblem you can see all too often in green jade. I thought making Bone originals would be an excellent exercise in shaping and sanding tecniques I've slowly learning.

    The First is a sun with a teardrop shaped hole, instead of perfectly cyclonic.The second is a purely rounded Sun.

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    This necklace was make for a good friend of mine, of whom wanted the 'symbol' of his band made from bone. A great exercise
in the use of geometric shaping and precise consistancy.     Below is the finished charm of sorts (Axe or Elec. Guitar), polished and oiled.

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     Nothing more than a boiled, sanded, oiled and recast RAM's skull. This magnificant specimen was given to me as a gift from a friend of which found it near Mt.Cadmin. Planned to be mounted, I need something sturdy and dependant enough to steady 35lbs. (But it seems heavier. Whew.)

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Currently in creation are various rings (My blood-line cousin Chantelle deserving of such), necklaces and trinkets made from the same Deer Antler.

Pictures always forthcoming.

- Carson, Jase