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Adirondack Furniture

Humble Beginnings
Adirondack furniture has been around since the early 1900's. With wood taken from the Adirondack preserve in New York, Thomas Lee first created the contemporary slatted look that would eventually be synonymous with American outdoor furniture. While the Adirondack chair is still around today, many things have changed since the days of Lee.

The well-known design of Adirondack furniture is still very much like the initial design of the 1900's. Wide planks of wood were used to create a high-backed chair with oversized armrests. While the choice of materials have expanded to include cedar, Teak, Pine and Mahogany, the fundamentals of Adirondack furniture have not changed drastically.

Adirondack Furniture Pricing
Although price is usually determined by the type of material and grade of wood the furniture is made from you're likely to pay exorbitant prices if you don't know where to look. Before settling on your local outdoor furnishings dealer, consider beginning your search on the internet.

From rockers to porch swings and chaise lounges to loveseats, Adirondack furniture can be purchased for a fraction of the price on the web. Complete with money back guarantees, affordable shipping prices and effective customer service, you'll wonder why you haven't braved the internet sooner.

Adirondack Furniture
Adirondack Furniture
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Adirondack Furniture

On many of the links below you will find finishing tips on cedar wood, teak wood, aluminum and wrought iron structures. Finishing and specialized product information on the benifits of wooden furniture over resin furniture. Also characterized is the strength and resiliance of wooden outdoor furniture such as cedar and teak woods, and their ability as an choice outdoor material to with stand moisture and insect attack as compared to other outdoor furniture materials such as oak or mahogany.

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