Stephen J. Barringer --

Born in 1970, Stephen J. Barringer is, among other things, Roman Catholic, a writer, an actor, a proud native of Toronto, Canada, a singer, a dancer, a gamer, a game designer, a conference administrator, a vampire and occultism buff, the holder of an M.A. in English (1994) from the University of Toronto, a Cancer, a Dog, a Rush fan, a Serial Diner, and a BABYLON 5 addict.

Anne E. Clements --

Born June 6, 1956 near Washington, D.C., grew up mostly in Chicago, BA Carleton College (Under the Dome) in Northfield, Minnesota, ended up writing software in central Illinois. Have been working on an idea for an SF series since about age 8, but suffered severe writer's block until blindsided by a flaming B5 Mary Sue while waiting for the Fifth Season to start up. Was immediately sucked into the vortex of fanfic, but hope to crawl out into the light of Publishability someday. Meanwhile, having large fun collaborating with these guys on VS6, and plotting out sequels to said Mary Sue. Also singer-songwriter. One offspring, two cats. truck.

David G. Goldingay --

Born just outside Birmingham, United Kingdom in Spring 1972, David G. Goldingay subsequently arrived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1976, and finding many tall mountains in reasonable close proximity to his home, decided to stay. He holds a B.Sc in Environmental Science from the University of Alberta (1998), works with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets in his spare (?) time, and uses up most of whatever is left writing stories (epics?) based in the BABYLON 5 universe on his home computer or interacting with various other portions of his favorite genre... unless the weather is good, in which case, he rockclimbs and downhill skis in the above-mentioned mountains (in alternate seasons).

Gareth Williams --

Bio not yet received

Gary Boshears --

Born in New Orleans in 1982. Gary hooked up with the VS6 gang shortly after beginning to read the first story. Is currently in the process of determining his answer to the universal questions, "What do you want?" and "Where are you going?" What time he doesn't spend working for the Burnet County Sheriff's Office or trying to maintain some remnants of a social life, he spends working on the stories of the EAS Dark Thunder & her crew, his personal epic foray into the Babylon 5 universe whose plot integrartions and twists will likely drive him to some higher state of madness before the end.

Sel Vecantie --

Bio not yet received

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