Episode 1 - "Black Knight Rising"
By Stephen J. Barringer
As a Psi Cop of unknown loyalties arrives to take up a permanent post on B5, Vir Cotto is assaulted in DownBelow and loses a diplomatic document vital to reopening relations between the ISA and the Centauri Republic; Ta'Lon must persuade the Narn lurker G'Stral to assist in its recovery.

Episode 2 - "Spectre of the Fire"
By David G. Goldingay
In which we learn that those closest to us are often the most difficult to save from their own darkness.

Episode 3 - "Duties to the Republic"
By Gareth Williams
In which aid is sought from a fairly unexpected quarter, someone from Vir's past arrives on Babylon 5, and arious other assorted forces lurk in the shadows, watching and waiting...

Episode 4 - "Pomp and Circumstance"
By Anne E. Clements
After a certain amount of delay, Vir's new attache and family finally arrive on the station, a potentially disruptive situation involving the Drazi comes to light, and two 'distributors' hatch a rather interesting plot.

Episode 5 - "A Light Between Worlds"
By David G. Goldingay and Anne E. Clements with Stephen J. Barringer
The return of an old acquaintance makes Officer Ferris' life interesting, a young Psi Cop begins to learn that things are not always what they seem, and Dr. Franklin makes a house call.

Episode 6 - "A Serpent in the Garden"
By Stephen J. Barringer and Anne E. Clements with David G. Goldingay
As a darkness comes to Babylon 5, Dr. Franklin's adventures with Bureau 13 take a turn for the worse, and something wicked comes knocking at a Drazi's door.

Episode 7 - "The Criminal Element"
By Sel Vecantie
What do a mysterious young woman named Jeanne Darias, a Thrakallan named j'Nialth, and the Centauri Guildmaster Aragon Pernimi have in common? Zack Allan is about to find out!

Episode 8 -- "Away in a Medlab"
By Anne E. Clements
In which we meet a brand-new character, an old one returns, and priorities are reexamined all around.

Episode 9 - "Crackdown"
By Gary Boshears, teleplay by Stephen J. Barringer
When the life of an ambassador is threatened, Lochley decides that it's time to clean up Babylon 5's criminal underworld. She soon discovers, however, that neither the criminal element nor the ambassadors are amused by this choice...

Episode 10 - "Shadows of the Past"
By David G. Goldingay and Stephen J. Barringer
While Jamie goes out on a Ranger mission sent by the ISA to prove or disprove rumours of 'Shadow' attacks on the Rim, Colin encounters trouble of his own in the former quarters of Ambassador Kosh...

Episode 11 - "In Different Circumstances"
By Stephen J. Barringer
When a disaster of a very different stripe strikes Babylon 5, Lochley and crew begin to realize that this time, there may not be an easy way out...

Episode 12 - "There's No Place Like Home"
By Anne E. Clements
In which Vir, Ta'lon and Tessa's visits to their respective homeworlds prove to be anything but holidays...

Episode 13 - "What Was, and What May Be"
By David G. Goldingay
When a darkness feared and a friend least expected both appear at Babylon 5, Lochley and G'Stral discover that the past can hurt, and the present... can be fatal.

Episode 14 - "Midnight at Mommy Fortuna's"
By Anne E. Clements
In which Mr. Garibaldi returns (as promised in "River of Souls"), just in time to help solve a mystery, while an ominously familiar figure visits Captain Lochley, and Lieutenant Corwin faces a difficult decision.


Episode 15 - "Girls' Night Out"
By Stephen J. Barringer
Susan Ivanova returns to Babylon 5! While attempting to retrieve critical information from a stolen Soul Hunter orb, Ivanova, Lochley, Tessa, Jamie and Lilian are plunged into a sanity- threatening virtual nightmare; meanwhile, on Earth, Colin Ferris races against time to rescue Sheynell Keynes from his archenemy Paul Frost.

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