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Pilates is a gentle form of total body conditioning which focuses on developing a balance between strength and flexibility. Mental focus is important so that movements are done with precision and control. This helps bring about an awareness of how we are using our bodies, and how we can change our habits in order to use our bodies in the most efficient way possible. More about Pilates

The Pilates Studio is celebrating our 8th year in helping Calgarians gain a knowledge and understanding of their bodies. If you feel good - you look good - and if you look good, you do good.  Parents are fond of telling children this truism, and it applies through out our lives. Have a healthy body and watch your mental sharpness and energy increase - workout at the Pilates Studio in Calgary.


All ages and fitness levels can benefit.

You will:

  1. Build longer, leaner muscles
  2. Stand taller with improved posture
  3. Develop core strength
  4. Increase strength & flexibility
  5. Release stress & tension
  6. Breathe deeper
  7. Enhance body awareness
  8. Increase circulation
  9. Boost energy
  10. Heighten your concentration
Pilates will improve your balance.,

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Pregnant women benefit from Pilates.

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We offer a number of different Pilates Classes

  • Baby & Me - Workout with your newborn baby!
  • Osteopilates - This class is safe for people with osteoporosis.
  • Prenatal Pilates - This class helps expectant mothers.
  • Pilates On the Ball - Challenge your balance!
  • Pilates With Small Apparatus - Increase your stability and strength.
  • Standing Pilates/ Dance Fusion - Take mat work to a new level!

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Babies love our studio!

Concentration is needed.
Pilates improves health.


Body and Mind Works.

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