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On this and other pages yet to be created, I plan to collect a few photographs and paintings of as many near ancestors as I can gather. They are grouped by family. For the moment this page is very much a work in progress.

The links beneath some of the images lead to the respective individuals in the Bingham Genealogy Database (I have not provided genealogy links to all individuals shown since they can usually be easily reached through the links to their spouses or parents).


Bingham ancestors


Tiffany / Mitchell ancestors


Knox / Doughty ancestors


Forbes / Emerson ancestors


Jones / Chambers ancestors

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Bingham Ancestors

Rev. Hiram Bingham I (1789-1869) and Sybil Moseley (1792-1848)
my great great grandparents

from an 1819 painting by Samuel F. B. Morse (the inventor of the telegraph) located at the Yale University Art Gallery.
This was painted just before they set sail from Boston aboard the brig Thaddeus for Hawaii to lead the first group of Protestant missionaries to what were then known as the Sandwich Islands

Hiram Bingham I (1789-1869)

frontispiece of his book "A Residence of Twenty One Years in the Sandwich Islands", publ. 1848

Hiram Bingham I (1789-1869)

Daguerreotype image from Portraits of American Protestant Missionaries to Hawaii,
publ. by Hawaiian Mission Children's Society, Honolulu, printed by the Hawaiian Gazette Co., 1901 (found on Wikipedia)

Hiram Bingham II (1831-1908)
and Minerva Clara Brewster (1834-1903) in Boston 1866

from "The Tiffany Fortune" by Alfred M. Bingham

my great grandparents Hiram Bingham II (1831-1908)
and Minerva Clara Brewster (1834-1903) in 1887

image from Wikipedia which lists Samuel F. B. Morse as the 'author'

Left to right and back to front: Hiram Bingham II, his grandson Hiram IV, his son Hiram III, Lydia Bingham Coan (his sister), Hiram III's wife Alfreda and three of Hiram III's other sons, Alfred, Charles and Woodbridge.

photo taken in 1908 from "Explorer of Machu Picchu" by Alfred M. Bingham

Hiram Bingham III (1875-1956),
my grandfather

From a crayon portrait done in 1900 or 1901
by Raymond Crosby.


both of my Bingham grandparents, Hiram Bingham III and Alfreda Mitchell,
photograhed while he was a graduate student at Harvard (during 1901-1905)

© 1913, National Geographic Society
Hiram Bingham III photographed in front of his tent at Machu Picchu in 1912. This has always been my favorite photo of him

© National Geographic Society

Hiram Bingham III (1875-1956), my grandfather

photographed in 1916

Lieutenant-Colonel Hiram Bingham at Issoudun, France (1918)
Lieutenant-Colonel Hiram Bingham (1875-1956), right in 1918 at
the Third Aviation Instruction Centre, Issoudun, France
(also pictured left to right: Major T. J. Lanphier, Major-General J. G. Harbord, Colonel Walter G. Kilner)

from "An Explorer in the Air Service" (1920) by Hiram Bingham

Lt. Colonel Hiram Bingham

Senator Hiram Bingham of Connecticut was an influential evangelist for aviation. Here during the summer of 1931 he poses on the wing of an autogiro after returning to the Capitol from a round of golf. Bingham claimed the autogiro was almost as safe as a church pew.

The next few pictures are family photos of the seven Bingham brothers, sons of my grandparents in various poses taken over a number of years

[ I'm not 100% clear about all identifications and dates taken, so any help from those who might know better than I do is appreciated ]

Hiram Bingham III with his family at Christmas time 1917
L to R, standing: Charles, Alfred, Hiram, Woodbridge
sitting: Hiram Bingham III, Brewster, Alfreda Mitchell, Jonathan, Mitchell

In age order: Jonathan, Mitchell, Brewster, Charles, Alfred, Hiram, Woodbridge; and their mother Alfreda Mitchell

[ unknown date or place ]

Hiram Bingham III and his family in Miami in 1919
The two photos above and the one at left below were all taken at the same time and include the seven brothers in ascending (Jonathan, Mitchell, Brewster, Charles, Alfred, Hiram, Woodbridge) or decending age order along with parents Hiram Bingham & Alfreda Mitchell and grandmother Annie Olivia Tiffany

This photo of the seven brothers and their parents is apparently ordered by height rather than age
L to R: ?, ?, Charles, Woodbridge, Hiram, Alfred, ? ,
Flanked on either side by their parents Alfreda Mitchell and Hiram Bingham III

[ I'm not sure of the identities here or when the photo was taken; perhaps it was in about 1925 ]

[ photo by Russell Bingham ]

The two photos above were both taken at the same time in 1979 at the Bingham Camp and include the seven brothers
(L to R, standing: Brewster, Mitchell, Jonathan; sitting: Woodbridge, Hiram, Alfred, Charles)

[ per a note recorded at this time their average age was 72 years & 4 months, their average height was 6' 1/8" and their average weight was 152 lbs, 4 oz ]

1981 (same order as above)

1984 (same order as above)

Four generations in a photo taken in 1935: my sister Alfreda Bingham (1935- ) as a baby being held by our grandmother, Alfreda Mitchell (1874-1967),
our parents in the middle, and our great-grandmother Annie Olivia Tiffany (1844-1937) at right. 
The album where this photo was found is labeled in my grandmother's hand.

photo © by Seldon Rodman
Alfred Mitchell Bingham (1905-1998),
my father, as a young man in 1936

photo by Seldon Rodman

photo © by Carolyn Bingham
Alfred Mitchell Bingham (1905-1998) in about 1994

photo by Carolyn Bingham

My father Alfred Mitchell Bingham (1905-1998) at his desk in 1964

My uncle Hiram Bingham IV (1903-1988) was in the American Foreign Service in Marseilles at the outbreak of the World War II.
He was honored posthumously by this stamp in 2006 for assisting in the escape of more than 2000 mostly Jewish refugees from Vichy France.
Read more about his very interesting story here.

Tiffany / Mitchell Ancestors

Chloe Draper (1781-1852) and Comfort Tiffany (1777-1843),
my great great great grandparents

Charles Lewis Tiffany (1812-1902),
my great great grandfather,
with Alfreda Mitchell (1874-1967), my grandmother in 1877

from "The Tiffany Fortune" by Alfred M. Bingham

Annie Olivia Tiffany (1844-1937) and her brother Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933)
photographed in the 1850's

from The Last Tiffany by Michael Burlingham

Annie Olivia Tiffany (1844-1937),
my great grandmother

© The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) in 1911

detail of a painting by Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida
(Metropolition Museum of Art)

Annie Olivia Tiffany (1844-1937)

painting by Kathleen Abbot in 1903

Annie Olivia Tiffany at the Tiffany Mansion in Irvington, New York, overlooking the Hudson River.

painting by Louis Tiffany

Annie Olivia Tiffany (1844-1937),
my great grandmother;

her painting by Robert Tolman in 1921 hangs in the
Salem Free Public Library,
Salem, Connecticut

Annie Olivia Tiffany (1844-1937) photographed in 1921; she is clearly sitting on the same couch as in the painting at the left which may have been done at the same time as the photo.

Alfred Mitchell (1832-1911), my great grandfather, husband of Annie Olivia Tiffany

from "The Tiffany Fortune" by Alfred M. Bingham

photo © by Devanand Janki

Alfred Mitchell (1832-1911), this painting hangs at Mitchell College in New London, Connecticut

Donald Grant Mitchell (1822-1908), brother of Alfred Mitchell and famous author
(this is a stereo photograph taken in 1883; if you look at it correctly you can see him in 3-D !)

My Mitchell great grandparents Alfred Mitchell, seated left, and Annie Olivia Tiffany, seated right; my grandparents Hiram Bingham III and Alfreda Mitchell standing behind; their children (left to right) Charles, Woodbridge, Hiram, Alfred (my father) and Brewster.

photo taken at the Folly mansion in Jamaica on Alfred Mitchell's 77th birthday, 1 April 1909.
[image courtesy of Christopher Bryant]

Alfreda Mitchell (1874-1967), my grandmother

Hon. Stephen Mix Mitchell (1743-1835)
my great great great grandfather.
Delegate to Continental Congress from Connecticut, 1783-1788

image from Wikipedia

Knox / Doughty Ancestors

Andrew Knox (1806-1891),
my great grandfather, in front of his shoe store
in New York

Samuel Stilwell Doughty (1811-1888),
my great great grandfather (R) along with
Samuel Stilwell (1763-1848), his great uncle by marriage (L)


Samuel Doughty family at Darling Hill, Stonington, Connecticut
on their 50th wedding anniversary 3 October 1921

  • Back Row (L to R): John Lounsberry (no relation), Sylvia Doughty Knox (1906-1981), Hasle (wife of Orme Staudinger, Isabel (wife of Harold Gould), Orme Staudinger
  • Second Row: Bill Cockins Jr.(1911-1982), David D. Knox (1909-1989), Edna Stilwell Doughty (1872-1960), Charles Staudinger, Annie Austin Tiers (1859- ), Olga Doughty (1887-1964), Robert Gould Cockins (1912-1977), Samuel Doughty "Tony" Cockins
  • Third Row: Cyril Staudinger (1895-1976), Martha Washingtion Tiers (1852-1941), Samuel Doughty (1852-1931), John A. Knox (1904-1972)
  • Fourth Row: Theodore Jackson, Herbert Howard Knox (1865-1944), Harold Gould (1872-1948), Martha Cockins (1918- ), William Cockins (1911-1982)
  • Front Row: Samuel Doughty Knox (1911-1997)
[possiblity that Orme and Cyril Staudinger are switched in above labeling]

My grandmother, Edna Stilwell Doughty (1872-1960) as a young woman

Edna Stilwell Doughty (1872-1960) on her wedding day 24 January 1900

My great grandparents (L to R)
Martha Washington Tiers (1852-1941) and Samuel Doughty (1852-1931) along with their daughter, my great aunt Olga Doughty (1887- 1964) on a trip to Egypt

Sylvia Doughty Knox (1906-1981), my mother; photographed in Venice, ca. 1970

My mother's family, the Herbert Knox family, probably photographed in New Canaan, Connecticut in about 1919. From left to right: John Andrew Knox (1904-1972), my grandmother Edna Stilwell Doughty (1872-1960), Samuel Doughty Knox (1911-1997), my grandfather Herbert Howard Knox (1865-1944), my mother Sylvia Doughty Knox (1906-1981) and David Douglas Knox (1909-1989).

Photo courtesy of John R. Knox.

My grandmother "Granny Knox" (Edna Stilwell Doughty, 1872-1960) in her garden
at Darling Hill, Stonington, Connecticut

Forbes / Emerson Ancestors

John Murray Forbes (1813-1898), my son's 3rd great grandfather (twice).

photo from Wikipedia

Robert Bennett Forbes (1804-1889),
brother of John Murray Forbes

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), my son's 3rd great grandfather.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

William Cameron Forbes (1870-1959),
my son's great grand uncle

painted by Edward Emerson Simmons (1852-1931)

Jones / Chambers Ancestors

Edward Coffin Jones
between 1844 & 1949

Edward Coffin Jones (1805-1880),
3rd great grandfather of my son
photographed in October 1872

Emeline Chambers (1823-1852),
wife of Edward Coffin Jones

Hugh Chambers (1783-1823), father of Emeline Chambers, 4th great grandfather of my son

this 1806 painting by James Peck hangs at Deerfield Academy

Daughters of Edward and Emeline Jones:
Emma (1847-1920), Amelia (1849-1935) and Sarah Jones (1852-1891)

the Jones and Chambers images above are from "Memories of Edward C. Jones" by Amelia H. Jones

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