Due to complaints from some members of the family the Bingham on-line Genealogy Database has been removed from unrestricted public access. It may reappear sometime in the future with currently living individuals removed.

The database is actually still on-line with access only by password. I am willing to let a limited number of people gain access by supplying them with a password if requested. These will generally be restricted to people whom I personally know or who are close relatives.

I will be willing to answer a limited number of enquiries about genealogy data in the database, provided they don't become too numerous or too frivolous.

To past users of this resource I wish to express my appreciation for all the critical remarks (both positive and negative) that I have received over the years (the database has been on-line for at least 10 years). Also thanks for much additional information and/or data corrections that many of you have provided.

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