Hiram Bingham III was my grand father and although I never knew him well, he loomed large over my childhood.  As the son of a pennyless missionary family who married into the Tiffany fortune, had seven sons, discovered Machu Picchu and was a U.S. senator he was an important part of my upbringing.

The descendancy chart below includes all his descendents that I have in my database and their spouses.  It therefore includes all my aunts and uncles, my first cousins, and my first cousins once or more removed.

This chart is primarily of interest to my first cousins and their descendants.  I know there are numerous errors in this list.  It seems it's almost as hard to track people currently living as ancestors several generations back.  I would appreciate anyone helping me to correct any errors.

I have also provided the same Descendancy Chart which may be downloaded in .PDF format.

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Sketch of Hiram Bingham III

From a crayon portrait of Hiram Bingham III done in 1900 or 1901 by Raymond Crosby, a Yale classmate. The original is in black and white with touches of deep red in the tie, gloves and leggins.

The listing below was last updated on 21 Feb 2007.

                  Descendants of Hiram BINGHAM
     1. Hiram BINGHAM (b.1875 d.1956)
        sp: Alfreda MITCHELL (b.1874 m.1900(div) d.1967)
        2. Woodbridge BINGHAM (b.1901 d.1986)
           sp: Ursula Wolcott GRISWOLD (b.1908 m.1928 d.1998)
           3. Anne BINGHAM (b.1929)
              sp: Dr. Richard Norris PIERSON Jr. (m.1954(div))
              4. Richard Norris III PIERSON (b.1956)
                 sp: Allene RUSSELL (m.1987)
                 5. Caroline PIERSON (b.1989)
                 5. Allena "Ali" PIERSON (b.1990)
                    sp: UNKNOWN
                 5. Russell PIERSON (b.1993)
              4. Olivia Tiffany PIERSON (b.1958)
                 sp: James Alan JACOBS (m.1984)
                 5. Ross JACOBS (b.1989)
                 5. Elliott Martin Woodbridge JACOBS (b.1998)
              4. Alexandra Deforest PIERSON (b.1961)
                 sp: Rex H. GRIFFIN
                 5. Alex GRIFFIN (b.1993)
              4. Cordelia Stewart Comfort PIERSON (b.1963)
                 sp: Stephen Joseph SMELA (m.1987)
                 5. Merrick SMELA (b.1997)
                 5. Alden SMELA (b.1999)
                 sp: Richard Taliaferro WRIGHT
              sp: Richard Taliaferro WRIGHT (m.(div))
              sp: Paul H. ALTROCCHI (m.(div))
           3. Clarissa BINGHAM (b.1931)
              sp: Edward O. BROWN (m.1953(div))
              4. Marian Sloane BROWN (b.1953)
                 sp: Dr. Steven Alan SOBELMAN
              4. Clarissa "Lisa" Anne BROWN (b.1955)
                 sp: Robert GRIFFIN (m.1978)
                 5. Katharine "Kate" Melissa GRIFFIN (b.1982)
                 5. Michele Sloane GRIFFIN (b.1985)
              4. Phyllis Wyatt BROWN (b.1958)
                 sp: Guy BIEDERMAN
                 5. Andrew Woodbridge BIEDERMAN (b.1988)
                 5. Tula Patricia BIEDERMAN (b.1993)
              4. Edward Eagle BROWN (b.1960)
              sp: James S. JUNGE (m.1970)
              sp: William COCKRAN
           3. Evelyn BINGHAM (b.1938)
              sp: Richard S. PROSSER (m.1970(div))
              sp: Michael Arthur GOODMAN (m.1984 d.1997)
           3. Marian BINGHAM (b.1940)
              sp: William B. HUBBELL Jr. (b.1934 m.1960(div))
              4. Drika Bingham HUBBELL (b.1962)
              4. Jonathan Bradford HUBBELL (b.1965)
                 sp: Tracie SHANNON (m.1998(div))
                 sp: Suzanne Lynn DAILY (b.1965 m.2004)
                 5. Zachary Bradford Daily HUBBELL (b.2004)
              sp: Kenneth George MCADAMS (m.1998)
        2. Hiram BINGHAM Jr. (b.1903 d.1988)
           sp: Rose Lawton MORRISON (b.1908 m.1934 d.1996)
           3. Hiram Anthony (twin) BINGHAM (b.1935)
              sp: Anne Elizabeth BUSWELL
              4. Hiram Edward Bobart BINGHAM (b.1966)
              4. Olivia Tiffany BINGHAM (b.1968)
                 sp: James Scott ENGLISH (m.98)
              4. Matthew Richard Allen BINGHAM (b.1970)
           3. Rose Tiffany (twin) BINGHAM (b.1935)
              sp: Richard Derby TUCKER Jr.
              4. Richard D. TUCKER III (b.1957)
                 sp: Valerie ALBEE (m.1975)
                 5. Elias Kincaid Albee TUCKER (b.1976)
                 sp: Debra ---
              4. Jeremy Bingham TUCKER (b.1959)
              4. Robin Millington Synge TUCKER (b.1960)
                 sp: Elizabeth RUNDLETT (b.1964)
                 5. Westley Wyer Bingham TUCKER (b.1986)
                 sp: Lori ---
              4. Jonathan Sands TUCKER (b.1961)
              4. Alexander Douglas Morrison TUCKER (b.1964)
                 sp: Jennifer Ann GAUMONT
              sp: Carl Peter SAURN
              sp: Alfred ANDREWS
           3. Thomas Alexander BINGHAM (b.1937)
           3. John Hamilton Lewis BINGHAM (b.1939)
              sp: Katharine Brinton KIRKLAND (b.1944 m.1963(div))
              4. John Hamilton Lewis BINGHAM Jr. (b.1964)
                 sp: Jenifer HARRISON (m.1984(div))
                 5. Andrew Thomas BINGHAM (b.1985)
                 5. Eric Williams BINGHAM (b.1987 d.1987)
                 sp: Philomena Maria THALER (b.1969 m.2004)
                 5. Katalina Kirkland BINGHAM (b.2005)
              4. Gerald Brinton Lucas BINGHAM (b.1966)
              4. Charles McMichael Kirkland BINGHAM (b.1968)
              sp: Kathryn Merrill STEWARD (b.1947 m.1977(div))
              4. Rachel Wilder BINGHAM (b.1978)
              4. Brewster M. F. BINGHAM (b.1980)
                 sp: UNKNOWN
              sp: Katharine Munro PRESTON (m.1990)
           3. David Brian Brewster BINGHAM (b.1940)
              sp: Anne B. WATERMAN
              4. Anne Stevens "Nan" BINGHAM (b.1964)
                 sp: Theodore ESSELSTYN
                 5. Flynn Bingham ESSELSTYN
                 5. George "Gus" Crile ESSELSTYN
              4. David Brewster BINGHAM (b.1965)
              4. Tiffany Mitchell BINGHAM (b.1967)
           3. Robert Kim BINGHAM (b.1942)
              sp: Anne Fairfax CARR (b.1942)
              4. Alexandra Morrison Dixon BINGHAM (b.1966)
                 sp: Peter MEZZINA (b.1961 m.1991)
                 5. Mark Bingham MEZZINA (b.1993)
                 5. Hannah Patricia MEZZINA (b.1995)
                 5. Natelie Olivia MEZZINA (b.1997)
                 5. Isabel Louise MEZZINA (b.1999)
                 5. Claire Mary MEZZINA (b.2001)
              4. Robert Kim BINGHAM Jr. (b.1970)
           3. Maria Cecilia BINGHAM (b.1944)
              sp: Russel Hart GODDARD
              4. Jonathan Ross Russel GODDARD (b.1964)
              4. Willingham Morrison GODDARD (b.1966)
              4. Eloise Bingham GODDARD (b.1968)
              sp: Andrew HANSON
              4. Ole Mayo HANSON (b.1975)
              4. Chester HANSON (b.1977)
              4. Joseph HANSON (b.1982)
           3. Anna Abigail Lawton BINGHAM (b.1946)
              sp: William T. ENDICOTT
              4. Samuel Bingham ENDICOTT (b.1974)
           3. Margaret Morrison BINGHAM (b.1948)
              sp: Wendell Phillips TURNER III
              4. Eric Edward TURNER (b.1970)
                 sp: Erika TAMEZ (m.1998)
                 5. Maximiliano Alexander TURNER (b.1999)
           3. George Benjamin BINGHAM (b.1950)
              sp: Jennifer CARR
              4. Gareth Gawain BINGHAM
              4. Candor Seriah BINGHAM (b.1974)
              4. Simon Joseph BINGHAM (twin) (b.1976)
              4. Elias Flann BINGHAM (twin) (b.1976)
              4. Nathan BINGHAM (b.1984)
           3. William Alexander Smith BINGHAM (b.1954)
              sp: Karen Ann NAVARR
              4. Karen BINGHAM
              sp: Bonnie JARVIS
              4. Maya Rose BINGHAM (b.1989)
        2. Alfred Mitchell BINGHAM (b.1905 d.1998)
           sp: Sylvia Doughty KNOX (b.1906 m.1934 d.1981)
           3. Alfreda Mitchell "Elfy" BINGHAM (b.1935)
              sp: Dudley SHAPERE (b.1928 m.1957)
              4. Alfred Dudley SHAPERE (b.1961)
                 sp: Beth Ellen ROSENBAUM (b.1961 m.1995)
                 5. Eliana Sophia Rose SHAPERE (b.2000)
                 5. Benjamin Kurt SHAPERE (b.2003)
              4. Catherine Lucretia SHAPERE (b.1963)
                 sp: Tareque MASUD
              sp: William A. BAILEY (b.1929 m.1979)
           3. Christopher "Kit" BINGHAM (b.1937)
              sp: Carolyn HIGINBOTHAM (b.1933 m.1967)
           3. Douglas Knox BINGHAM (b.1940)
              sp: Ellen FORBES (b.1941 m.1970 d.1975)
              4. Donald Cameron BINGHAM (b.1973)
                 sp: Alison Elizabeth BRODY (b.1973 m.2002)
                 5. Katherine Brody BINGHAM (b.2005)
              sp: Sheila CHAND (b.1943 m.1984)
           3. Stephen Mitchell BINGHAM (b.1942)
              sp: Gretchen Edith SPRECKELS (m.1965(div))
              sp: Francoise Jeanne BLUSSEAU (b.1960 m.1984)
              4. Sylvia Chantal Blusseau BINGHAM (b.1987)
           sp: Katherine STRYKER (b.1911 m.1982 d.2005)
        2. Charles Tiffany BINGHAM (b.1906 d.1993)
           sp: Kathleen Watson HOWELL (b.1906 m.1929 d.1996)
           3. Kathleen Farr BINGHAM (b.1931 d.1977)
              sp: Walter David DEVAULT Jr. (b.1930)
              4. Walter David DEVAULT III (b.1956)
                 sp: UNKNOWN
                 5. Walter David DEVAULT IV (b.1988)
                 5. Jordan DEVAULT (b.1989)
              4. Stephen Mitchell DEVAULT (twin) (b.1957)
              4. Selby Bingham DEVAULT (twin) (b.1957 d.2000)
                 sp: --- BRYANT
                 5. Bingham Devault BRYANT (b.1989)
              4. Charles Howell DEVAULT (b.1962)
           3. Charles Tiffany BINGHAM Jr. (b.1933)
              sp: Alice Berry CONDON (m.1958(div))
              4. Eleanor Berry BINGHAM (b.1960)
                 sp: Thomas E. MALLORY
                 5. --- MALLORY
              4. Grace Bradlee BINGHAM (b.1962)
                 sp: Michael Thomas OTT
                 5. --- OTT
              4. Charles Tiffany BINGHAM III (b.1964)
                 sp: Ann Sanders DICKEY
              sp: Ann Sanders DICKEY (m.1982)
           3. Heidi BINGHAM (b.1936)
              sp: John Ruckman FELL (m.1957(div))
              4. Kathleen Howell FELL (b.1958)
                 sp: Thomas CONNER
                 5. Thomas Charles CONNER (b.1989)
              4. John Ruckman FELL III (b.1960)
                 sp: UNKNOWN
                 5. David Randolph FELL (b.1990)
              4. Michael Bingham FELL (b.1962)
              4. Jeffrey Laimbeer FELL (b.1968)
              sp: Robert L. STOTT Jr.
        2. Brewster BINGHAM (b.1908 d.1995)
           sp: Frances H. BEACH (b.1912 d.2000)
        2. --- BINGHAM (b.1909 d.1909)
        2. Mitchell BINGHAM (b.1910 d.1994)
           sp: Rebecca Norris Lucretia NEVINS (b.1912 m.1934(div))
           3. Nathaniel Shaw BINGHAM (b.1938 d.1998)
              sp: Kathryn BLAKE (m.1969 d.1998)
              4. Jalena Cypress BINGHAM (b.1971)
                 sp: --- WILLIAMS (m.(div))
                 5. Malachi Shaw WILLIAMS (b.2001)
              sp: Pamela Joan TIDD (m.1978(div))
              4. Eli Shaw BINGHAM (b.1978)
           3. Russell Nevins BINGHAM (b.1944)
              sp: Diana Jeanne POTTINGER (b.1948 d.1995)
              4. Joshua Mitchell BINGHAM (b.1970)
              4. Christa Jeanne BINGHAM (b.1973 d.1973)
              4. Simon Brewster BINGHAM (b.1975)
              sp: Paula Ann HERLIHY (m.1997)
           3. Lucretia Woodbridge BINGHAM (b.1946)
              sp: Mark GREENBERG
              4. Rebecca Norris GREENBERG (b.1981)
           sp: Hilda Kroemer FITZPATRICK (b.1921 m.1976)
        2. Jonathan Brewster BINGHAM (b.1914 d.1986)
           sp: June ROSSBACH (m.1939)
           3. Sherrell BINGHAM (b.1941)
              sp: James Edward BLAND (b.1940 m.1962 d.1974)
              4. Edward Bingham BLAND (b.1965)
                 sp: Juliette ROBBINS (m.1989(div))
                 sp: Rebecca YOUNG (m.1998)
                 5. Jackson Bingham BLAND (b.1999)
                 5. Eva Young BLAND (b.2000)
              4. Theoderick Bowden BLAND (b.1968)
                 sp: Nancy Brereton FROST (b.1968 m.1992)
                 5. Nicholas Frost BLAND (b.1995)
                 5. Emily Bingham BLAND (b.1996)
                 5. Mary Brereton BLAND (b.1996)
              4. Richard Franklin BLAND (b.1973)
                 sp: Katharine Howell BRANDI (b.1974 m.2003)
              sp: Richard H. DOWNES (m.1980)
           3. June Mitchell "Micki" BINGHAM (b.1942 d.1999)
              sp: Erik C. ESSELSTYN (m.1967)
              4. June Erickson "Jody" ESSELSTYN (b.1970)
                 sp: Jeffrey George ATEN (b.1970 m.1997)
                 5. June Edith Esselstyn ATEN (b.2001)
              4. Blakeman Bingham ESSELSTYN (b.1973)
           3. Timothy Woodbridge BINGHAM (b.1945)
              sp: Susan HULSMAN
              4. Katherine Ellis BINGHAM Rev. (b.1970)
                 sp: James Donald Jr. MOOREHEAD (m.1994)
                 5. Luke Taylor MOOREHEAD (b.1998)
                 5. Jake MOOREHEAD (b.2000)
                 5. James Maddox MOOREHEAD (b.2004)
              4. Jonathan Brewster BINGHAM II (b.1972)
                 sp: Catherine April COLLETT (b.1972)
                 5. William Woodbridge BINGHAM (b.2002)
           3. Claudia Rossbach BINGHAM (b.1947)
              sp: Robert H. HALL
              4. Taiki Mistral HALL (b.1968)
              sp: Thomas J. A. MEYERS
              4. Guru BHAJAN (b.1973)
              4. Sat BHAJAN (b.1973)
        sp: Suzanne CARROLL (m.1937 d.1962)

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