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Further information about the Bingham Genealogy Project

The following two linked pages attempt to be a complete list of all sources used in compiling the BINGHAM genealogy database files   I have made an attempt to list sources in a consistent manner and to group them as to their general type. In many, but not all, cases I have indicated which information was incorporated into the genealogy database. Where an abbreviation for the source name is given, this indicates how the reference is referred to in the notes within the database.

Some sources provided little or no specific information to the database but are included for completeness sake only or because they provide interesting background material or because they are rare items.

Other than grouping into broad categories or ancestral lines for books and other paper sources, items are generally listed in the order in which they were acquired and/or referenced (alphabetical lists of most of the sources hyperlinked to the full reference appear near the top of each page).

Although many users of this database may find this listing to be of limited interest or use, it has been an essential tool to the database compiler to keep track of which sources have been consulted and what was found there. Thus some of the comments and notes which appear herein are for my own use and not intended for the casual user.

This document was originally a plain text file, then a Windows (3.1) Write document, then a Microsoft WordPad document (when I upgraded to Windows 95) and now for publishing on the Internet I have converted it to HTML format using Corel WordPerfect 7.0 and Netscape Communicator 4.0.  In order to speed up downloading this information, I have divided it into two sub pages, each having its own linked Table of Contents:

(Note: The Bingham genealogy database files were originally called the 'BINGWOOD' database files to reflect their origin from two initial files; cf. the first two GEDCOM files described in Part 1.  All references to the original database name in the remarks and comments have not been updated).
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