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Further information about the Bingham Genealogy Project

Table of Contents

Books, papers and reports (not all items listed are referenced in the Table of Contents)

'Published' Books and Papers

Since many of the works below are rare or are likely to be difficult to find, I have included fairly complete information from the title pages (some 'titles' are actually quite long), sometimes even including handwritten inscriptions.

Books or papers relating to specific family lines ----------

The following sources (or copies of them) are mostly in the personal possession of the Alfred Bingham family of Salem, Connecticut or of Douglas K. Bingham of Edmonton, Alberta. Principal family lines referenced are indicated in BOLD UPPER CASE; my own comments, notes or abbreviation used within the database usually appear between [square brackets].

"The Brewster Genealogy 1566-1907: A record of the descendants of William Brewster of the 'Mayflower', ruling elder of the Pilgrim church which founded Plymouth Colony in 1620",compiled and edited by Emma C. Brewster Jones. 2 vols, numbered copy #498, Grafton Press, New York 1908.

[Abbrev. as "Brew Gen" or "BG"]
[only the direct Brewster ancestors of Alfreda Mitchell and Hiram Bingham III have been entered from this book]

"Chronicles of a Connecticut Farm: 1769-1905",compiled by Mary E. Perkins for Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Mitchell the present Proprietors of the Mumford and Woodbridge Homesteads, Privately Printed (copy #5 of 50), Boston, 1905.

[Abbrev. as "Chronicles..." or "CCF", this incredible book has recently been reprinted (2002) by the Salem Land Trust]
[The entire Christophers and Mumford genealogical charts from this book have been entered and the Woodbridge chart has been checked and verified (most seemed to have been in the database already having come from the original WOODBRIG.GED file; where data conflicts between the two sources, the "Chronicles..." data has been used, as generally its information is more complete; such inconsistencies are indicated in the individual notes); miscellaneous additional information has been gleaned from the text.]
"The Woodbridge Record, Being an Account of the Descendants of the Rev. John Woodbridge of Newbury, Mass.", compiled from the papers left by the late Louis Mitchell, Esquire. Privately printed (unnumbered copy of 200 copies), New Haven, 1883.
[Abbrev. as "Woodbridge Record" or "WR"]
[much of this information seems to be already in the file having originated in the original WOODBRIG.GED file, though generally the file is less complete than the book; only the direct ancestors of Lucretia Mumford Woodbridge have been carefully checked against the file]
"The Tiffanys of America: History and Genealogy", publ. by Nelson Otis Tiffany for and in the interest of Charles Lewis Tiffany of New York City and of the Tiffany family, Buffalo 1901. (hand written inscription: 'Mrs. Alfreda Bingham with the best wishes of C. L. Tiffany 8th January 1902').

"The Last Tiffany: a Biography of Dorothy Tiffany Burlingham", by Michael John Burlingham. Atheneum, New York, 1989.

[entire genealogical chart in back of this book has been entered]
"Sybil's Bones", by Alfred M. Bingham, privately printed (photocopied) n.d., 89 pp.
[this article was published as "Sybil's Bones, a Chronicle of the Three Hiram Binghams" in Hawaiian Journal of History, vol 9, p. 3-36, Hawaiian Historical Society, 1975 and also as 'Chronicle I' of "The Tiffany Fortune and other Chronicles of a Connecticut Family" (full reference below)]
"The Tiffany Fortune and other Chronicles of a Connecticut Family", by Alfred M. Bingham, Abeel and Leet Publishers, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, 420 pp., 1996.
[the three genealogical charts at the front of this book were prepared by me using the data in the BINGWOOD files; they may be viewed here]

"A Loving Tribute from the Women's Board of Missions of the Pacific Islands to the Memory of Mrs. Clara Brewster Bingham for Ten Years President of the Board" by various authors [apparently members of the Board], 45 pp., publ. approx..1904, probably in Honolulu.

[two copies in Salem]

"Titus Coan: A memorial", by Lydia Bingham Coan, publ. by Fleming H. Revell, Chicago 1884. Inscribed 'To my dear Brother Hiram and Sister Clara from ever sorrowing but loving sister L. B. C. [= Lydia Bingham Coan]' and also: 'Al [Alfred M. Bingham] from Father [= Hiram Bingham III] Xmas 1914'.

"The Life of Donald G. Mitchell. Ik Marvel" by Waldo H. Dunn, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York 1922.

"Genealogy of the Bingham Family in the United States especially of the State of Connecticut, including notes on the Binghams of Philadelphia and of Irish descent, with partial genealogies of allied families.", compiled by Theodore A. Bingham, Harrisburg, Pa. 1898, Edition limited to 300 copies, No. ___ [unnumbered].

[much of the Bingham information contained in the original BINGHAM.GED file appears to have been abstracted from this and the following three works; I believe all individuals in these books are contained in the BINGWOOD files; however, only a portion of these files have been posted on the Internet]
"Genealogy of the Bingham Family in the United States especially of the State of Connecticut, including notes on the Binghams of Philadelphia and of Irish descent; Mediaeval records; Armorial Bearings; Etc.", Volume 1 compiled by Theodore A. Bingham, published by the Bingham Association, 1927, Edition limited to 500 copies, No. ___ [unnumbered].

"Genealogy of the Bingham Family in the United States especially of the State of Connecticut, including notes on the Binghams of Philadelphia and of Irish descent; Mediaeval records; Armorial Bearings; Etc.", Volumes 2 and 3 compiled by Theodore A. Bingham, published by the Bingham Association, 1930, Edition limited to 500 copies, No. ___ [unnumbered].

"Addendum 1983 Supplement descendants of Thomas Bingham, Sheffield, England through Samuel Bingham, Windham, Connecticut", prepared by Everett F. Bingham, Midland, Texas as of December 31, 1986.

"The Bingham Family in the United States: The Descendants of Thomas Bingham of Connecticut" compiled and written by Donna Bingham Munger, including contributions from Bingham researchers, published by the Bingham Association, New York, 1996.

[A few errors have been found in this otherwise excellent recent book which is said to be a complete reworking of all the information contained in the previous four works with much new research. Updates which include additional information and corrections have been published annually since 1997 by the Bingham Association (19 E 72 Street, New York, NY 10021)]
"Thomas Bingham Memorial: granite stone placed on graves of Thomas and Mary Bingham, bronze plaque identifying original property in Norwichtown, bronze plaque identifying Windham property", a pamphlet published on the occasion of the above events which occurred on 5 October 1996. Privately printed by Robert J. Bingham of Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1996.
[besides descriptions of the Thomas Bingham homes in both Norwich and Windham, Connecticut, this pamphlet includes pedigree charts with 17 more generations of direct Bingham ancestors than are given in the above sources or elsewhere (except cf. VANCE.GED above). These apparently tie into the Melcombe Binghams. The earliest Bingham is listed as John Bingham, b 972]
"Thomas Bingham, Connecticut Pioneer: A Story of Very Early Colonial Times 1658-1730 Based on Records", Charles E. Bingham, Pequot Press, Essex, Connecticut, 1968, 101 pp.

"The Name and the Family of Bingham", Manuscript No, 220, Roots Research Bureau, Ltd, 1984.

[This commercially produced paper is rather vague about a lot of its information.  It does agree with data about many of the very early Binghams.  It does not attempt to tie them in with the Sheffield Binghams from whom we are descended] BINGHAM
"Hiram Bingham: a Personal History", by Woodbridge Bingham, Bin Lan Zhen Publishers, Boulder Colorado, 1989, 435 pp.

"Portrait of an Explorer: Hiram Bingham, Discoverer of Machu Picchu", by Alfred M. Bingham, Iowa State Univ. Press, Ames. 1989, 381 pp.

"Fathers and Sons: the Bingham Family and the American Mission" by Char Miller, Temple Univ. Press, Philadelphia, 1982, 308 pp.

"Memoirs of the Binghams" by Rose E. McCalmont, ed by C.R.B Barret, publ. by Spottiswoode & Co, Ltd., London, 1915, 185 pp

[This book deals with the much earlier Melcombe and Sutton Binghams who are not linked in any well established way with Thomas Bingham of Sheffield and his descendants in America.  It has the following chapters: WOODBRIDGE, CLARKE, ALLEYNE, GAMBLE, HUBBARD
"A Cloud of Witnesses" by Lucy McNeill, Quebecor Printing Atlantic, Fredericton, New Brunswick, 1995. [This little book was provided by the author's granddaughter Susan Dugas of Fredericton, New Brunswick.  It is not clear whether or not this book is privately printed.  It details the author's ancestry; the only common ancestors with my genealogy are the Woodbridge connection.  A number of biographical details have been obtained from this source. Contains numerous genealogical charts]

"Herbert Howard Knox: A Biography", by Ellen Duffield Knox, college English paper, 4 March 1959, 17 pp.

"The Life of Samuel Stilwell, with notices of some of his contemporaries", Samuel Stilwell Doughty, Brown & Wilson, New York 1877. (inscription on fly leaf in Sylvia K. Bingham's handwriting: "... This is a companion piece to the little book of handwritten notes by Samuel S. Doughty who wrote this book")

"Edward Doughty, his Life, Times and Friends with notices of some of Surveys and Surveyors of the City of New York", by Samuel Stilwell Doughty, Brown & Wilson, New York 1880 [publ date unknown, but this is date of forward to the book], 33 pp.

"The Stilwell / Redman Letters", ver. 1.0, prepared by Greg Stilwell, privately printed, 4 September 1997, 97 pp.

"History and Genealogical Record of one Branch of the Stilwell Family", by Dewitt Stilwell with introduction and contributions by Lamont Stilwell, [privately?] publ. by Lamont Stilwell, 331 Union Bldg., Syracuse, New York, 1 September 1914, 94 pp.

"Genealogical Index of the John Murray Forbes Family 1740 - 2005", by Edith Webster Gregg, revised March 1978, 1988 & 1990 by Edith W. Gregg, 1995 by J. Malcolm Forbes, and 2000 & 2005 by Judy F. G. Gregg. Privately printed.

[Abbrev. as "GI-JMF-F" or "JMF"]
[all the direct Forbes line ancestors have been taken originally from this source and then updated from other sources; in addition I have tried to include all descendants of Edward Waldo Forbes and Waldo Emerson Forbes (the 'Nashawena' families) from this and other sources]

"Memories of Edward C. Jones" by Amelia H. Jones, privately printed ca. 2004. On title page: "Memories of Edward C. Jones collected and written for his grandchildren by their aunt Amelia H. Jones".

[This book consists of several sections:

  1. A 23 page introduction consisting of a brief biography of ECJ written by Amelia H. Jones (signed by her: "Your loving aunt Amelia H. Jones, January 1899").
  2. A collection of letters (pp.24-62) mostly from ECJ or his wife Emma Chambers.
  3. A record of ECJ's owership and interest in New Bedford's fleet of Whaleships (pp. 63-71)
  4. Genealogical data (pp. 72-105) with information on the Jones, Hickling, Winslow, Hussey, Coffin, Russell, Bradford, Ivens and other families. Although the rest of the book is typewritten, here there are many insertions in handwriting that is probably Emma Chambers'.

In addition, there are facs imiles of several original handwritten letters in a pocket at the back.

Most, but not all of the genealogical data from this book has been added to my database.]

"The Letters & Journals of Waldo Emerson Forbes", Amelia Forbes Thomas, compil. & ed., Dorrance & Co, Philadelphia & Ardmore, Pennsylvania, 1977.

"An Anthology of Nashawena", edited by Kathleen A. Forbes, privately printed at Harvard University Printing Office, July 1972. On fly leaf 'Grey House Copy'.

[all individuals from the charts of the descendants of Waldo E. Forbes and Edward W. Forbes have been incorporated into these files; some of this information has been handwritten onto the charts. Abbrev. as "Anth. of Nashawena"]
"Recollections and Ramblings of Amelia Forbes Emerson" by Amelia Forbes Emerson, privately printed 1968, 368 pp. Handwritten on fly leaf: 'To Ellen Forbes, third of the name, from her Great Aunt Amelia Forbes Emerson, 26 August 1968' [abbrev. as "Recollections ..."] FORBES
"Naushon Memories" by Edward Waldo Forbes edited by Edith Webster Gregg, 1964 [?], 95 pp. FORBES
"Letters from China: the Canton-Boston Correspondence of Robert Bennet Forbes, 1838-1840" compiled and edited by Phyllis Forbes Kerr, publ. by Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic, Connecticut, 1996, 317 pp. FORBES
"Forbes: Telephone Pioneer", Arthur S. Pier, Dodd, Mead & Co, New York 1953, 232 pp. (inscribed on flyleaf: "Ellen Forbes from her affectionate great-uncle W Cameron Forbes Sept 1953")
[a biography of William Hathaway Forbes who was the first president of the company which became AT&T.  Not much genealogical info here but it has been used to fill out various biographical details] FORBES
"The Clan Forbes", Charles Stewart Forbes, privately printed, Paris France, 1931, 24" x 63.5" chart. '... Forbes Family Pedigree of the male line ...' compiled with the help of various family members.
[a copy of this chart hangs in the genealogy loft of the Shore House Barn at Naushon]

"Naushon Data", collected by Amelia Forbes Emerson, privately printed, Concord, Mass, 1963 (a third edition [2003 ?] of this book has recently been published)

"The Ipswich Emersons, A.D. 1636 - 1900, a genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Emerson of Ipswich, Mass. with some account of his English ancestry", by Benjamin Kendall Emerson assisted by Capt. Geo. A. Gordon, Secretary N.E. Historic Genealogical Society, privately published, Boston, Massachusetts, 1900, 537 pp. with illustrations & index.

[Abbrev. as "The Ipswich Emersons..."; this book has a very complete index]
"Growing Paines: Paternal Patterns and Matrimonial Matters in a Family Boston Born & Bred", snatched from oblivion by Thomas M. Paine, copy #285 of 500 copies, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 1991 (handwritten inscription: 'To the Douglas Bingham family courtesy of Cherry & John [Wunderlich] with the best wishes of Thomas M. Paine, November 1991).
[Abbrev. as "GP"]
[all the direct ancestors from the genealogical charts in the back of this book have been added; additional details found in the text also included]
"History of the Clark Family - forbears & Descendants of the Honorable Daniel Clark of Windsor, Connecticut" compiled by Robert Le Clor (sp?) Clark, 1987.

"Clark-Clarke Families of Early Connecticut" by Prentiss Glazier of Sarasota, Florida, pp 22-27, 1974.

"An Elaborate History and Genealogy of the Ballous in America" by Adin Ballou, 1888.

"The Drapers in America" by Thomas Walter Morgan Draper, 1892. TIFFANY
"The Tiffany Touch" by Joseph Purtell. TINGLEY
"The Tingley family revised; being a record of the descendants of Samuel Tingley of Malden, Mass., in both the maile and female lines." compiled by Marian McCauley Frye, Falls Church (?), Virginia, 1st ed., 1970. SALTONSTALL
"Ancestry and Descendants of Sir Richard Saltonstall, First Associate of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Patentee of Connecticut", Riverside Press, 1897. KIMBALL
"KIMBALL-SCOTT-MUNNING Pedigree furnished to the Kimball Family association by the Heber C. Kimball Association, July 1982"  a loose chart found in "History of the Kimball family in America from 1634 to 1897 and of its ancestors the Kemballs or Kemboldes of England" by L. A. Morrison & S. P. Sharples, publ. by Damrell & Upham, Boston, 1897 (reprinted by Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, NY, 1978).

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General works not limited to any specific family lines --------

Many of the following were found in either the City of Edmonton Public Library or the library of the Alberta Genealogical Society, Edmonton Branch.  Most should be readily available in many libraries

"History of New London, Connecticut from the First Survey of the Coast in 1612, to 1860", by Frances Manwaring Caulkins, New London, H. D. Utley 1895.

"Old Houses of the Antient Town of Norwich: 1660-1800", with maps illustrations portraits and genealogies by Mary E. Perkins, Norwich, Conn. 1895.

[Abbrev. as "OHATN"]
"New World Immigrants, a consolidation of ship passenger lists and associated data from periodical literature", ed. by Michael Tepper, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, 1979.

"The 'Mary and John': a story of the founding of Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1630", by Maude Pinney Kuhns, Charles E. Tuttle Co., Rutland, Vermont, 1971.

"Genealogical Notes on the Founding of New England: My Ancestors' Part in that Undertaking", by Ernest Flagg, Hartford, Connecticut, 1926 (reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1973).

"A Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut with the time of their arrival in the colony and their standing in society, together with their place of residence, as far as can be discovered by the records", by R. R. Hinman, Hartford 1846, reprinted by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, 1968.

[abbr. "The First Puritan Settlers"]
"Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists who came to New England between 1623 and 1650: The lineage of Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Malcolm of Scotland, Robert the Strong and some of their descendants",by Frederick Lewis Weis, 5th ed. with additions and corrections by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, 1979.
[abbr. "Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists ..."; this work contains a vast amount of early European nobility and royalty; much, but not all, has been entered]
"American Marriage Records before 1699", edited & compiled by William Montgomery Clemens, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, 1979.

"Connecticut's Naval Office at New London During the War of the American Revolution, including the Mercantile Letter Book of Nathaniel Shaw, Jr." by Ernest E. Rogers, Collections of the New London, Connecticut Historical Society, Vol II, New London, Connecticut 1933.

"Dictionary of American Biography", ed. by Dumas Malone, Charles Scribner's Sons, Yew York, 1932.

[Abbrev. as "Dict. Am. Biog"]
"The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans", ed. Rosseter Johnson, Boston, The Biographical Society, 1904.
[Abbrev. "20 Cent Biog Dict"]
"Chambers Biographical Dictionary" ed by Magnus Magnusson, W. & R, Chambers Ltd., Edinburgh.
[Abbrev. "Chamb Biog Dict"]
"American Lands and Letters" by Donald G. Mitchell, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1897, Vol. I: 402 pp., Vol. II: 412 pp..
[Vol. I is hand inscribed "Susan Mitchell Hoppin, Pittsburgh 1897"; she was a daughter of the author who was brother to Alfred Mitchell, my great grandfather. This summary of early American writers has provided a few biographical details for filling out the characters of some of my ancestors.]
"A Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New-England containing an alphabetical list of the Governours, Deputy Governours, ... [etc., etc.; this book has a very long title!]", by John Farmer, Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1829; reprinted with additions and corrections by Samuel G. Drake, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, 1976.

"The Origins of some Anglo-Norman Families" by the late Lewis C. Loyd and ed. by Charles Travis Clay & David C. Douglas, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, 1975 [originally publ as vol. CIII of "The Publications of the Harleian Society", Leeds, 1951].

"Alfred the Great: Asser's 'Life of King Alfred' and other contemporary sources", trans. w. notes & intro. by Simon Keynes and Michael Lapidge, Penguin Books, 1983.

[this biography of Alfred the Great written by a contemporary includes his ancestry all the way back to Noah (35 generations) and Adam (44 generations)! This genealogy has been entered into the BINGWOOD files only as far as it agrees with other sources]
"The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln, publ. by Jonathan Cape Ltd., Great Britain, 1982, 445 pp.
[abbrev "Holy Blood ... Holy Grail"]
[this fascinating book draws some radical but apparently well researched and documented conclusions. The most significant of these is that Jesus Christ was married and had children and descendants; the earliest line of descendants given in detail are the Merovingian Kings of France (many of whom are in the BINGWOOD files)]
"Bloodline of the Holy Grail"  by Laurence Gardner,  publ. by Element Books, Shaftsbury, Dorset, U.K., 1996, 489 pp.
[abbrev "Bloodline..."]
[draws many of the same conclusions as the previous book.  Contains many genealogical charts; much of this information has been entered where it was in the direct ancestral line]
"Jesus the Man" by Barbara Thiering, Corgi Books, 1993, 621 pp. (originally published as "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls" by Doubleday in 1992).

"The Illustrious Lineage of the Royal House of Britain" Avctore Gv. M. H. Milner, A.M., S.G.R.Soc., I.V.Adsoc. E. TYPIS EDD PRIOR R. FOLKARD ET FIL. ED. OCTAVA RENOVATA. LONDINI: MCMXXIII, publ. by The Covenant Publishing Company., Ltd., 6 Buckingham Gate, London, S.W. 1, first publ. 1902 [?], 12th edition 1951.

[This facinating chart belongs to Margery Glasier (deceased 2002) of Edmonton who acquired it from her father (she does not know its original origin); it purports to show that Queen Elizabeth II is descended from Judah and the House of David. It is a remarkable genealogy showing on a single sheet much of the present British royal family's very complex ancestry through various other royal families of Europe. Where it can be cross checked, this chart generally agrees with other sources. Unfortunately, in places the connecting lines are ambiguous and sometimes the print is too small to be read (it is not well printed)]
"The lives of the Kings & Queens of France" by Duc de Castries of the Académie Française, transl. by Anne Dobell, publ. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1979

"History of the Middle Ages 284-1500" by Sidney Painter, Knopf, New York 1964, 497 pp.

"A History of the Crusades, Volume I: The First Crusade and the Foundation of the Kingdom of Jerusalem" by Steven Runciman, Folio Society, 1994.

"A History of the Crusades, Volume II: The Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Frankish East 1100-1187" by Steven Runciman, Folio Society, 1994.

[ Genealogical Charts at back of book: 1. Royal House of Jerusalem, Counts of Edessa, Lords of Sidon and Caesarea
2. Princes of Antioch and Kings of Sicily
3. Counts of Tripoli and Princes of Galilee
4. Lords of Toron, Oultrejourdain, Nablus and Ramleh (House of Ibelin)
5. Ortoquid Princes
6. House of Zengi
"A History of the Crusades, Volume III: The Kingdom of Acre and the later Crusades" by Steven Runciman, Folio Society, 1994. [ Genealogical Charts at back of book: 1. Royal Houses of Jerusalem and Cyprus, and House of Ibelin
2. Princely House of Antioch
3. House of Embriaco
4. Royal House of Armenia
5. Ayubite House
6. House of Jenghiz Khan
Where in the direct ancestral line all info from these charts (and those from the previous volume) have been entered.  The above three volumes though lengthy and detailed with many footnotes make for fascinating reading about a period of history about which I had learned very little during my years at school]
"Memoirs or Chronicle of The Fourth Crusade and The Conquest of Constantinople" by Geoffrey de Villehardouin [b.c.1160-d.c.1213], trans. Frank T. Marzials, (London: J.M. Dent, 1908); on-line edition located at

"The Conquest of Constantinople" by Geoffrey de Villehardouin [c.1160 - c.1213], trans. M. R. B. Shaw, Penguin Books, 160 pp., 1963.

[not sure if this is the same as the on-line version listed immediately above, but it probably is although in a different translation; it is published in the same volume with the following work] "The Life of Saint Louis" by Jean de Joinville [1224/5 - ], trans. M. R. B. Shaw, Penguin Books 1963. [published in the same volume as the previous work] "King Harald's Saga: Harald Hardradi of Norway" from Snorri Sturluson's "Heimskringla", transl. with an introduction by Magnus Magnusson and Hermann Palsson, Penguin Books, 1966, 187 pp.  [Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241) was an Islandic historian] "The Wars of the Roses" by Alison Weir, Ballantine Books, New York, 1995, 462 pp. with 8 genealogical charts.

"Britain's Royal Families: the Complete Genealogy" revised edition, by Alison Weir, Random House, 1996, 386 pp, index.

"The Clans, Septs & Regiments of the Scottish Highlands" by Frank Adam, revised by Sir Thomas Innes, Johnston & Bacon, Edinburgh, 1908, 8th ed 1970, 624 pp.

"International Genealogical Index" available on microfiche.

[abbrev. as IGI]
"The Colonial Genealogist", Vol 4, No. 2, Fall 1971, Hermosa Beach, California.

"The Connecticut Nutmegger", various issues 1974 onwards, Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Glastonbury, Connecticut.

"Encyclopedia Britannica", 11th?? edition, 1911 ?? [also "Encyclopedia Britannica on line", cf. Internet section above]

"The New Columbia Encyclopedia", Columbia University Press, New York, 1975.

"Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia" on CD-ROM, 1993 (by Funk & Wagnall's).

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Unpublished Materials

Most of this material or copies of it are in the possession of Douglas K. Bingham in Edmonton, Alberta

"Mitchell Oak" by Donald G. Mitchell, a framed painting illustrating the descendants of James Mitchell and his two wives Mabel Buck and Rebecca Mix. On back is pasted the inscription 'Copy of the "Mitchell Tree" which was done by Donald G. Mitchell for his brother Alfted Mitchell from Granny ... to Alfred Mitchell Bingham, Christmas 1917'; another inscription indicates that the copy was done by a Miss Wing.

Alfred M. Bingham: "Alfred Mitchell Genealogy" a chart in progress for his upcoming book, 1995

"Descendants of Hiram Bingham and Alfreda Mitchell", a chart prepared by A. M. Bingham, revised to 4 Sept 1989.

Alfred M. Bingham: "Notes for a book on family history compiled 1972-79". [this is a loose leaf binder composed mostly of hand written notes]

[abbrev. "Notes for a book..."]
"Alfred Mitchell's dates from 1743 to", a small brown leather note book evidently hand written by Alfred Mitchell (husband of Annie O. Tiffany), latter part written by A. O. T.; some notes in pencil by Alfreda Mitchell. [abbrev. as "Alfred Mitchell's dates..."]

[all birth, death, burial, marriage dates and some other information from this book have been entered]

"Descendants of Donald Grant Mitchell" compiled by Donald G. M. Hart, September 1992. poorish photocopy of handwritten copy, 10 pages.

A second photocopy of 'Mitchell Mix Br.' (1st copy in A. M. Bingham file 'Bingham Genealogy') acquired from R. Philip Hart, January 1996 has some additional info inked in in a different (but old?) hand.

"Knox Family, Doughty Family 1880-1921", photograph album assembled by Alfred M. Bingham and Sylvia K. Bingham about 1960.

"The Doughty Family in England & America" by Samuel Stilwell Doughty (?), October 1875.  This is single page good photo copy of what looks like two pages of a small notebook.  It contains two pages of handwritten notes detailing the Doughty descent from English stock.  This copy was found in the book "The Life of Samuel Stilwell ..." [cf above] and is probably from 'little book of handwritten notes' referred to in the handwritten notes by SKB [cf notes above].
The 'genealogy barn' at Naushon is a most amazing resource for information about descendants of John Murray Forbes (who purchased Naushon Island in 1843). On the upper floor of this barn, known as the Shore House Barn, will be found spread across 4 walls a beautiful genealogical chart which is updated on a regular basis listing all descendants of John Murray Forbes. A number of collateral lines are also shown (notably Emerson). Many photographs and much biographical information as well as art work are displayed or available in loose leave binders. Since Naushon is a private island this resource is not available to the general public.
Handwritten chart of Forbes ancestors 'Compiled by Allen Forbes from information furnished by F. B. Forbes - J. Murray Forbes & Lord Sonifield'. A good photo copy of this chart is in possession of Rosamond Forbes Pickhardt. It shows the Forbes line back to John de Forbes b 1236). [abbrev. as "Forbes line chart"]
Handwritten pedigree filled in on a standard pedigree form by Rosamond Forbes Pickhardt; a typewritten index accompanying this chart appears to include all individuals and has some biographical and other information. This chart gives nearly all ancestors of Rosamond to about 10 generations; some lines go much further back (one goes to William the Conqueror). No source information is given. [abbrev. "Ros's pedigree"; as I have gradually been able to check most of this chart against other sources, it appears to generally agree with them.]
Forbes Family Tree
Compiled July 1931 by Ralph E. Forbes of Milton, Mass
Corrected to Nov 1933, Partially corrected to July 1943

This handwritten chart on several large sheets attempts to list all descendants of Rev John Forbes (1740 - 1783) and Dorothy Murray (1745 - 1811). 9 sheets approx 12" by 72" as follows:

"The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments", etc. Oxford University Press 1840. On front flyleaf handwritten "Emma Chambers Jones Febry 1844 -//- Sarah J. Forbes [ = Sarah Coffin Jones] Oct. 14 . 1873"; found at Cave Creek, Wyoming.

[in end flyleaf pages contains handwritten birth, death and marriage data between 1847 and 1917; this information has been used to correct or augment data found elsewhere; where other data conflicts, this source is taken as correct]

[abbrev. "Forbes Family Bible"]

"The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments", etc. Oxford University Press 1827. On front flyleaf handwritten "Mary Anna Lee / Bequeatherd her by her Aunt / Catharine Hay"; found at Cave Creek, Wyoming.

[in end flyleaf pages contains handwritten birth, death and marriage data between 1844 and 1888; this information has been used to correct or augment data found elsewhere; where other data conflicts, this source is taken as correct]

[abbrev. "Forbes Bryant / Paine Family Bible"]

Personal letter dated 24 February 1997 to D. K. Bingham from Donald N. Bingham, 49 Southway, Carshalton Beeches, Surrey SM5 4HP, England

A. M. Bingham file labeled 'Tiffany - Young Genealogy' contains the following items:
A. M. Bingham file labeled 'Bingham Genealogy' contains the following items:
A. M. Bingham file labeled 'Bingham Genealogies from Mrs. Beebe, Canada' contains the following items:
'Surviving Beneficiaries of the Trust for the Camp'. Prepared and maintained by A. M. Bingham, this list dated 1 January 1980 lists all descendants of Alfreda Mitchell (Bingham) Gregor at time of her death.

'Birthdays' a list maintained by A. M. BINGHAM of birthdays of many Binghams and others.

A. M. Bingham file labeled 'Knox Memorabilia' containing:
Letter dated 24 Feb 1997 from Ellen Roston to D. K. Bingham, including the following attachments:
Copy of Samuel Stilwell's will dated 9 Oct 1840 with codocil dated 18 Sep 1846 in which frequent mention is made of Eliza Doughty (his adopted daughter), her husband Edward Doughty, and their son Samuel Stilwell Doughty

A hand stitched Tiers 'sampler', framed found hanging on wall of upstairs bedroom in Ransom Brook House in Salem, Connecticut.  This unusual item lists birth and marriage dates of Peter Tiers and his wife Helen Seaman and birth dates (& death dates of those two who died young) of their children. It was clearly made after 1830, but by whom is uncertain.  It was perhaps made by Catherine Tiers, the only female child of this family who lived to grow up, who was born in 1822.  There is no other known source for some of the information contained here.

"leaves from some bible, containing family records of the Shaw, Woodbridge, Perkins families" original pages from an unknown family bible with handwritten lists of various births, deaths & marriages; in the archives of the New London County Historical Society at the Shaw Mansion in New London

Steve Clare genealogy papers in possession of Stephen J. Clare of Edmonton, Alberta; a collection of papers (all photo copies) from his family which includes much British nobility and royalty and down to Colonial New England. Many of these papers deal with the Dickinson family which evidently includes Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), the poet; although she is mentioned as a kinswoman (& her poetry is quoted) in various places, her exact relationship to the family does not seem to be given anywhere. [Abbrev: Steve Clare genealogy papers ] This collection contains the following:

two handwritten pages (by S. J. C.'s father) dated 24 Dec 1981 detailing line from Mercy Adelia Dickinson who married Walter Brisco of Newburgh, Ontario down to John Stuart Clare d. 13 Jul 1941.

"List of Magna Charta 'Surities', Original Knights of the Garter and William the Conqueror's knights on the Roll of Battle Abbey to be found in the Dickinson-Cory lines" typewritten manuscript signed on title page by Harriet Cory Dickinson, 18 pp [missing p 17].

15 typewritten pages by Harriet Cory Dickinson dealing with the following families

de Clare, le Despencer, Temple, de Albini, Montague, de Saye, Stanley, de Montford, Bassett, Stanhope, Berkeley, Bohun, de Vere, d'Courtenay, Ferrers, Seymour and others. This appears to be a partial re-typing (but still containing errors) of the above "List of Magna Charta 'Surities' ...".

"Our Royal Descent from Alfred 'the Great' through William Tuthill of [?] New Haven (We have other descents from him, also from the Counts of Flanders and also the Royal inter-marriages of the Earls of Warren & Surrey)", by Harriet Cory Dickinson [probably written by her, based on similarity of handwriting of some of the notes with that on the original of "List of Magna Charta 'Surities' ..."above] , 57 p., [evidently written in 1910 based on a trip to Hatfield, Massachusetts in August 1909 from the Forward and a comment in on p 6].

[This most interesting document is a photocopy of what looks like a rather poor carbon copy of a typewritten manuscript which has been extensively hand corrected. It is quite difficult to read.] 32 typewritten pages by Harriet Cory Dickinson? mainly dealing with the Dickinson history and ancestry. Appears to be a retyping of parts (pp. 1-19 = pp. 1-32) of "Our Royal Descent from Alfred 'the Great' ..." above.
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