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Fly Fishing Holidays on the Local Steams and Lakes

Featured as the lead Articel in "Fly Fishing America", Travelsection "Fishing the Americas" USA ,(Scott Earl Smith ) 2003 ,or "Game Fishing Adventures" , Travelsection for "Trout Fisherman" and "Trout and  Salmon( click here for the Article", UK ( Peter Gathercole ) as well as "The Canadian Flyfisher ",Feature articel  Spring 2004, as well as MOST RECENTLY A Feature Article In Flyfishing & Flytying, UK, By Charles Jardine (Whom it was a real pleasure and honour to work with....and who will be at the Resort again this year in September....(click here for the Article)

As well as numerous Flyfishing Shows like "Officially Rugged" airing on the Sportsman Channel USA , week of May 27 ,as well as the week of August 26, 2003 and again throughout the 2004 through the 2009 season

Our Trips can be custom packaged to your specifications , wether you prefer fishing for Rainbows , Eastern and Western Slope Cutthroat Trout ,Brook Trout or Bull Trout we can provide you with a variety of packaged trips to spectacular Streams in our Area.

This Page offers you  Hatch Guides , day to day Weather and Stream Reports , some maps of the local area and the Streams as well as Travelreports by yours truely , and some nice pictures of some pretty happy customers...

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"Rainbow in Net" , "Cutthroat" and "Hopperbow"  Pictures by Scott Smith© '2002

Located in southern Alberta, Canada , right on the Continental Divide and at the Border between Alberta and Brithish Columbia, we can boast an astaunishing 600miles of Fishable Streams as well as noumerous High Alpine Lakes within a 50 mile radius from the Resort .Amongst them some of the best fresh water Dry-Fly Fisheries you will find anywhere.The Oldman River and its tributaries , the well known Crowsnest River (2 min from the Resort), even the famous Elk River which boasts having the highest concentration of wild Westslope Cuttroat Trout in North America, are regularly and easily accessed by our customers and In-House Guides.

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  Fun not just for men                                                     Guest "Jim" Mit  gen. Manager " Kai"                        

  "thank you for a wonderful time,great hospitality and the superbe fishing  , we will be back !!      Calgary 2000,2001,2002"

We offer Guided Walk And Wades as well as Float Trips on all Local Streams . Casting Classes , Flytying 101, a simple assortment of Flies ( that actually work and are meant to catch Trout, not Fisherman ) , even Rod and Wader Rentals and  can be easily arranged . Simple pointers and suggestions as to where to go and what to use on a specific day ,detailed Maps and instructions to Waypoints ,so you can find your way to the perfect Hole ,are simply considdered service here at the Resort. Reserving a Guided Float Trip or Walk and Wade can be done easily and fast for you , and is suggested due to increasing demand for our Guides.

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   Armin from Germany one of the many beautiful pure Rainbows of the   Crowsnest River , ca.32cm

This area is considdered by the Locals to be a pure Dry Fly Fishery , and due to the fairly low fishing pressure or the vastness of the 4 masive local Watersheds you have the opprotunity to catch healthy pure Rainbow , wild Cutthroats , Brown Trout and even Bull Trout in good numbers .

We Promote and Guide on a barbless-catch-and-release-only basis ,and actively petition for a Zero Limit Fishery here in Alberta.

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 Larry Lancaster USA, start of the '2002 Season , Cuttbow on the Crowsnets River                                        

"Thanks for the Lessons , had a great time , USA 2002"

        canyon3.jpg (100238 Byte)                     Kai Riley and cutthroat2.jpg (31408 Byte)           

Stalking a LURKER,Not telling where Fall '2002    Riley and Kai "negotiating" about catch and release                                                                                                            picture by Scott Earl Smith ©   fish1a.jpg (51472 Byte)    Oldman pool.jpg (37478 Byte)       

  Armin from Berlin.43cm,Cutthroat 4.5pd               "Fishing a Pool on the  Oldman" By Scott Smith©       

  "cant quite belive this one , Germany 2000"

RD Carson , host of "Officially Rugged , with RD" on The Sportsman Channel USA

"In my job as an outdoors show host ,I am very lucky to be able to hunt and fish all over North America , and I can say with confidence that my stay at the Eckardt's Tecumseh Mountain Guest Ranch was definately one of the very best . The fishing was spectacular and the lodging and meals of the ranch were second to none!"

RD Carson 2003

We suggest 8.5 - X lentgh Rods , 4 - 6 weight Lines, depending on the type of fishing you intend to do , please check with us before you travel so we might suggest the appropriate Rods , Leaders ,etc. to make your trip a more enjoyable adventure.  

    Kaiwithcutthroat.jpg (84056 Byte)           Admiring a C N Bow.jpg (40015 Byte)          

Nice littl' Cutthroat , on the Oldman River©   Admiring a Crowsnest Rainbow ,Scott Smith and Alan©

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