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We are marked as #70 on the Crowsnest Pass Trailmap, one of only two accommodations in the Crowsnest where you have direct access to the Trails from your Door, and the only one located on the North half of our Trailsystem

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The Crowsnest Pass offers some of the best variety of Trails in Alberta.....

Over 1200km of Marked Trail system, with everything from beginner to intermediate as well as lots of High Alpine riding and is directly accessible from your Cabin door.

The Resort is situated close to 5000ft for those of you who have to jet your Sleds and is marked as Staging Area number 70 on the official Crowsnest Pass Trail map (North Half), Park & Ride directly from your Cabin door onto the system. Thankfully we are one of only 2 Places in the area where you can stay without having to trailer your sleds from and to Staging Areas. Please check with our staff and we will be happy to point you onto the best scenery or bowls depending on your abilities and wishes, since we are riders too you know.

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Snowmobile Rentals as well as Guides can be provided by the following  Rental Companies . The Guides are very knowledgeable about the area and some even offer Avalanche Awareness Programs as well as day by day tours . These companies are the only ones we at the Resort and our Customers in the past have had good experiences with and are therefore the only ones we can recommend in good faith for their product , service and price*  The Inn at the Border   (403) 563 3101


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Snow conditions are very important , no doubt ,....follow this Link to the "official Trail update " done by the local Club and the volunteers driving the simply doesn't get more accurate than this.......

Also check out these Fernie and Sparwood Live Webcams to take a look at current Weather Conditions in and around the Pipeline as well as  both Towns and their Skihills.

You can also just give us a call and we will be happy to inform you about current conditions in and around the Crowsnest and the Atlas area (403) 563 3900

Or go to the Trail Talk area on the Alberta Snowmobile Assoc. official website, updates made by members and snowmobiles who have been actually riding the areas they are talking about recently .all you have to do is to scroll up and down the message board until you find the headline you are interested in.

My hostname is "KAI" and I will be doing updates as often as time allows

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