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I have named my homepage Eva's Kitchen, not just because I am best known for my cookbooks, but because a writer friend once described my writing style as "...like sitting across the kitchen table and having a cup of coffee with Eva." — I took that as a big compliment.
My interests are broad and diverse, as you will notice, traveling through my pages. Two of my published books Eva's Kitchen Confidence and Eva's Hungarian Kitchen are about cooking, but my writing is not limited to food.
Friends often greet me with "What are you up to now?" instead of the usual "How are you?" because I thrive on variety and challenges. So pull up a chair and have a cup of tea or coffee with me at my kitchen table!
Recently, I wrote a book-size collection of short stories about growing up in postwar and pre-revolution Hungary. It was a difficult and emotionally wrenching task to recollect my childhood memories, but I felt that it was necessary, because although volumes have been written about that period, very few personal stories have been told, especially by those who were children in those times.

Snapshots...Growing up Behind the Iron Curtain

is available in paperback and .pdf ebook format here or in all the formats that are used (ePUB, Kindle and several others) needed to to load into any of the new eReaders from smashwords.com.


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