In the last couple of years, with the development of eInk viewing technology, eBooks and eBook Readers have suddenly become very popular. While it looks sudden, the truth is that many have toiled, authors, small publishers and visionaries, for years towards this end. We saw the value in saving the environment by reducing the use of paper, the necessity of traditional warehousing and road-transporting the goods to the consumer. The key ingredient missing so far was a high quality, inexpensive electronic reader. This has come to be. Reader gismos abound at a variety of price levels, features and sizes to fit every reader's needs.

I will not try to compare readers or manufacturers, because the changes are so rapid, that this page would be out dated, before long. Instead I urge all who contemplate a purchase, to run a search of electronic Readers or eReaders comparisons. The hits will be many and, usually, quite up to date.

It is important to consider your own lifestyle.

I have to admit I haven't bought a reader yet. I am still using my Palm Pilot to read books and articles, while I wait as prices drop and features increase. It should not be long.

My autobiographical book, Snapshots... Growing up Behind the Iron Curtain is now available in all eBook formats, suitable for any device you may have, from Smashwords.

If any one is interested, you can view my old, outdated page on eBooks here.

My essays on buying and using my Palm Pilot, written in 2001 can also be accessed.

Snapshots...Growing up Behind the Iron Curtain

is available in paperback and .pdf ebook format here or in all the formats that are used (ePUB, Kindle and several others) needed to to load into any of the new eReaders from smashwords.com.


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