Eva's Hungarian Kitchen

"It is often said in Hungarian circles that you can assimilate to your adopted country's language, customs and way of life, but your stomach remains Hungarian.

The reason is that food is the strongest reminder of childhood, tradition and culture. The sights and smells, family and memories of the faraway homeland are re-conjured over a bowl of steaming food, capturing a little of the faded rose-colored past. Because of this strong bond between culture, tradition and food, historical notes and anecdotes are interspersed throughout the book to give you a more intimate feeling for the country, the people and the customs."

Eva's Hungarian Kitchen was a labor of love to provide my son with a portion of his cultural heritage, in English, his mother tongue.
Eva's Hungarian Kitchen became a success beyond my dream.

This comprehensive original cookbook was first printed in 1984 and is presently in sixth printing by popular demand.

Eva's Hungarian Kitchen contains all the fondly and nostalgically remembered traditional home recipes, that mothers and grandmothers cooked for their families, adapted to the modern kitchen.

A complete treatise on traditional Hungarian home-cooking.
Authentic recipes, methods and ingredients.
Introductions to history, traditions and customs.
Titles and index in both English and Hungarian.


Eva's Hungarian Kitchen© is 144 pages, coil bound with several mouth-watering color pages.
ISBN 0-9691659-0-0
A National Best Seller! Now in eight printing.

Published by:

Try Kay Enterprises
P.O. Box 8084
Canmore, AB.
T1W 2T8 Canada


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