Forty-three internationally known authors share more than a hundred recipes in a simple and fun cookbook you will enjoy for years! From simple dishes prepared in a few minutes to exotic food from around the world, this e-book will become a treasured addition to any kitchen!

And best of all, it's free!

Now We're Cooking: 43 Authors in the Kitchen

is composed of recipe contributions by a community of authors. It is like the cherished and collected church and community cookbooks of yesteryear. The recipes are as diverse as the authors' usual genres are. The Internet made it easier for the contributing authors from various corners of the world to get together in this cooperative effort and technology made it possible to offer this exciting collection free as an ebook to readers and collectors.

The cookbook is available in both .pdf and .htm format as a file download!

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Table of Contents



Appetizers and Salads




Eggs and Cheese

Vegetables, Sides and Sauces


Cakes and Pies

Cookies and Squares

Breads and Rolls



Table of Common Measure Conversions

Epilogue : The Official List of Cooking Skill Levels

Websites of Contributors