There is a revolution happening in the book-publishing world! 

Read an ebook today!


Electronic books are, or should be, much cheaper than conventional paper books since the cost of paper, shipping and ware-housing is eliminated.

Any number of color highlights and illustrations can be added to enhance the reader's experience. In Eva's Kitchen Confidence, I used drawings and color to aid in the flow of the text. Such frivolous use of color in print would result in a prohibitively expensive paper book.

Indexing, links and search, greatly increase the function and dimension of a reference work such as Eva's Kitchen Confidence.

The books can be browsed on the Internet and delivered almost immediately, by download or email.

Less storage space is required, even if the book is on CD or diskette. Ebooks need no dusting!

Ebooks can be easily adapted to ease the problems of the physically disabled. There are a number of programs, such as voice synthesizers, available to facilitate adapting ebooks for the visually impaired. Several of the formats now, without special add-ons, allow the reader with limited vision to change the size of the fonts on the screen for easier reading.

For a cookbook, like Eva's Kitchen Confidence, being able to reprint a recipe page that you spilled spaghetti sauce on, is a definite advantage! The same goes for that novel that you dropped into your bath water!

Independent electronic publishers bring You well written, carefully edited, fresh new voices to stir your imagination.

Electronic books can be read on the computer screen, can be printed out or can be read loaded into handheld devices. The handheld device may be a low cost ebook reader, a personal organizer (PDA), or a handheld computer. Although I wrote this guide years ago, I decided to leave it up, because some of the material may still be useful. There are more and more options entering the market everyday!

I find my PDA very adequate and enjoyable for reading books. It's small size make it suitable for having it handy at all times. Since I have bought my Palm Pilot, I have done more reading than ever before, because I use unexpected waiting, that would have been wasted before, times to read. You can choose a PDA to suit your needs and budget. There are several makes and models available to suit your needs and pocketbook.

http://www.bookreader.co.uk/ (for software to convert GameBoy to eReader)


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