This site is about my maternal grandfather whom we lovingly called "Papaji". Since he passed away when I was merely 3 years old my recollection of him is only limited to the records of imagination created when I heard stories about him from my family. Even though I can't remember any interactions with him, I feel it is important to allow all the visitors to this site to peek into the life of this selfless and, may I add, great man. He was the glue that held our family together. He had the virtues and intellect of a wise man, which is highly needed in our world today. He organized parties and let others enjoy the limelight. He never cared for fame but helped others achieve it.
When he came to Bombay from Punjab, he worked in Don Mills as a spinning master and then started his own printing press which was used to print Punjabi periodicals, stationary and historical booklets and posters for most of the Gurudwaras in Maharashtra. His printing press was also a blessing for many struggling writers trying to make it big in the Bombay metropolitan city. He also shared a special bond with the eminent writer Khushwant Singh. In this site you will find pictures of him and what others have to say about him. I have liberally taken this information from the "Punjabi Samachar" and the "New Delhi" magazine. For me just looking at his picture acts as an inspiration to aim for a virtuous life, and I would be interested in knowing if you have been in some way affected by looking at his picture or reading about him. You can reach me at gagman@canada.com.