Eurovan bike rack, spare tire carrier, gas can carrier, boat rack, cargo rack

VW Volkswagen Eurovan  
Winnebago Westfalia transporter T4
1992 - 2003

This rack also fits the Mitsubishi Delica, 1988 to 1994 High roof only

Bike rack, tire carrier, gas can carrier, High lift jack carrier

- No drilling or holes are required to mount the rack 
- The rack clamps to the door with formed brackets.  This rack only fits the Eurovan.
- Rack lock not needed.  Rear door needs to be open to remove rack. 
- Rear door can be opened and closed with the rack in place.

Questions and orders:
Gary Lee
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
403 272 7284

Prices in US dollars

VW Vanagon Racks - 1980 - 1991

Eurovan rear rack, basic frame $380
Shipping by UPS ground to 48 states and provinces, approximate $45 - $75

Tire carrier option for basic frame wide rack $150
Gas can carrier option $150
Fold up shelf for rack or ladder (2/3 width or 1/3 width).  Clamp on hinges.  Shelf can be placed anywhere vertically $150
Fold up shelf for full width rack $175
Bike adapters, each $60 
Rotopax gas container mount $70
Side View
Cargo carrying bars $90
Bike carrier

Side Ladder

Extra force hatch struts:
Extra Force hatch struts

Eurovan rear rack

Eurovan Bike Rack

Eurovan tire bike carrier rack 

VW Eurovan bike rack 

Eurovan tire carrier 

Eurovan tire carrier 

Eurovan tire carrier

Eurovan Bike adapter

VW Volkswagen Eurovan T4 tire carrier

VW Volkswagen Eurovan T4 tire carrier

VW Volkswagen Eurovan T4 tire carrier gas can carrier


VW Eurovan Tire carrier, Gas can carrier

eurovan bike rack

Eurovan T4 rear ladder



Volkswagen VW Eurovan Transporter T4 bicycle carrier rack.  Yakima, Thule, Paulchen.  Eurovan roof rack 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Eurovan MV CV