Vanagon Multipurpose Rack
The basic Multipurpose Rack frame is pictured in the first picture below.  Ladder  can be on either the passenger or drivers side, or deleted.
Most Yakima, Thule or generic bike carriers will fit. Bike carriers not included. Call or email to discuss your specific bike carriers and how many
bikes you need to carry. Some tray style bike carriers will not fit over the ladder portion (they need open space between the front and rear mounts)..  

Lots of Custom configurations are possible
The basic frame can be fitted with a ladder, gas can carrier, tire carrier, jack carrier, fold down shelf, shovel and axe carrier. 
All prices on this web site are in US dollars

Basic Multipurpose Rack with ladder rungs is $395. 

Tire carrier, welded on $135 extra
Tire carrier, clamp on $150 extra
Tire Lock - lock your tire to the rack $20 extra
Gas can carrier options, looks similar to the ladder versions.
Gas can carrier, clamp on $150
Lock for gas can carrier $25
Fold down shelf.  Small, the width of the center section $150
Large shelf, the full width of the rack $155
Shovel and Axe carrier, clamp on $135
Hi-Lift jack carrier , clamp on $145
Tie down loops $5.00 each
Bike Carrying Load bars - $95
Clamp on options
Rack Lock  - lock the rack to your van $25 extra
Shipping is about $48 - $98.

How to keep the rear hatch open with a rack mounted

For users of Yakima Bike carriers

Questions and Orders
Gary Lee
403 272-7284
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

* Building Vanagon Racks for over 15 years *

Multipurpose Rack Pictures - various configurations
Page 2
Carry a combination of: tire, gas can, jack, bikes, shovel+axe, fold down shelf
Two gas can carriers and fold down shelf
Page 4
Page 5
Multipurpose Rack with 2 bikes, Thule 2 piece bike carriers
Fold down shelf, Shovel and axe carrier, Hi-Lift Jack carrier
Yakima Steelhead bike carrier - Multipurpose rack on 1990 syncro westfalia
Shovel and axe carrier
Extra large fold down shelf

Tire carrier, Hi-Lift jack carrier, Gas can carrier, shovel and axe carrier
Yakima Viper Biker Carriers
Carry 4 bikes, all fork up, handlebars staggered up-down-up-down
Carry 2 bikes with built in bike carrying bars
Carry 2 bikes, bikes have both wheels on
Carry bikes with both wheels on, Yakima High Roller
Carry 2 bikes + fold down shelf in center
Carry 1 tire and two bikes, tire in the center
Carry Skis
Tandem bike carrier

Carry 2 bikes + gas can in center + fold down shelf in center
Get-Away high top syncro - tire, gas can, jack
Carry a spare tire, gas can and jack
Carry Kayaks
Full width fold down shelf and tire carrier
Carry tire, gas can and two bikes.  Staggered bike mount
Propane tank carrier for rack
Two removable shelves and extra bars
Carry two gas cans or a gas can and a tire
Gas can in center

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Bar space required for Yakima bike carriers:  Raptor 7 1/2", Lockjaw 7 1/2", Ankle biter 7", King Cobra 8 1/2"