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Webasto  BBW 46 gas heater, standheizung
As fitted to the VW Vanagon Syncro

This gas heater was a VW factory option on Canadian and some European VW Vanagon Syncros.  The heater heats the engine coolant and an electric pump circulates the coolant through the system.  Gas or diesel from the main tank is used for fuel. The heater  can operate while the engine is on or off.  A digital timer located on the dashboard can turn the heater on at a preset time in advance. This heater makes it easier to start the van in cold weather because the engine is pre-heated.  A block heater requires 120 volts AC, this heater will warm
up the engine anywhere.  Some people use the heater to keep the van warm for winter camping.

Repair manual for the BBW46 and DBW 46, PDF format