Front cot for VW Vanagon

This cot will only fit if you have the stock vanagon seats. 
It will not fit if you have aftermarket Recaro seats installed.

Installation instructions

- It takes two people to install this cot.
- There are 3 types of brackets: left front, right front and 2 rear brackets.
- The assembled poles are used to locate the position of the brackets.
- The front pole is 1/2 inch shorter than the rear pole, this is the fully inserted length.
- Temporarily tape together the rear pole 1/2 inch longer than the front.

Install the front brackets first.
- One person holds the front pole in place and levels it.
- The other person holds the bracket in place at the pole ends and marks and drills the hole location.
- The canvas rests on the steering wheel.

Install the rear brackets.
- Put the shorter front pole in the canvas sleeve, put the 1/2" longer taped together pole in the rear sleeve.
- Hook the front pole into place.
- Stretch the rear pole back tight. level the rear pole. Hook the rear brackets onto pole ends, this is where the rear brackets go.
- In Westfalias, the curtain snaps need to be removed and moved back 1 inch.

Self drilling/tapping screws are included.  You need to use an electric drill with socket bit in order to use them.