Vanagon child's cot - front bed
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Vanagon Front bed, Childs cot

The older type 2 air cooled buses used to have these front children's cot.  The vanagon was never offered with this option.

For installation in a Westfalia with curtains, you will need to relocate one of the curtain button snaps an inch rearward.

The canvas is available in black or brown.

The poles two piece.

This cot will only work if you have the stock vanagon seats. 
It will not fit if you have aftermarket Recaro seats installed.

Installation instructions, partial.  Complete instructions are supplied.

Vanagon Childs cot $285
Shipping about $45



Terms of use:  The vendor and manufacturer of this product assumes no responsibility for any consequences from it's use.
It's up to the owner to determine if it's safe to use. The cot is up off the ground, there are no side or end walls to prevent falling off.