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I now make only one style of gas can carrier.  It is a Universal fit removable gas or water can carrier for all NATO specification 5 gallon three handle cans.
Some of the pictures on my web site show previous versions, involving a ledge or shelf.  These older versions fit either Blitz or Wedco only.
The new style fits both Wedco or Blitz.  It is also removable so a bike can be carried in that position.
Specify which side you would like the gas can, passenger side or drivers side.

Universal Fuel can carrier, removable.   $99 extra.
Lock for gas can carrier, prevents the clamp from being undone $20

An essay about gas cans.  A worthwhile read. In PDF format

It may not be legal or safe to carry gas on the outside of the vehicle in certain countries and jurisdictions.  Use at your own risk.