Vanagon rear hatch ladder
Carrier for gas can, spare tire and Jack

Attaches to rear door with special clamps.  Door can be opened and closed while the ladder is attached.  Does not interfere with
the rear wiper. No drilling or holes needed.   All threaded parts and fasteners are stainless steel. Can be mounted on either side or the
center of the door. 

All prices are in US dollars.

Basic ladder with no options is $395.00  US dollars
Shipping about $45 - $65  
Three widths of ladder available.  Ladder only width and Ladder/rack width.  All are the same price.
The narrowest ladder is special order.  The standard ladder I usually ship is the widest version.

Fuel and water container carriers for ladder
Tire carrier, welded on $135 extra
Tire carrier, clamp on $150 extra
Tire lock - lock your tire to the rack $20 extra
Fold up shelf  , clamp on hinges, can be placed where you want $150
Hi-Lift jack carrier, weld on $99 extra.
Clamp on jack carrier $145
Ladder Lock - lock the rack to the van $20 extra
Propane tank carrier   for 10 lb tank, (16" tall 9" diameter, +/- 1 inch) $150
How to keep the rear hatch open with a ladder mounted

Prices in US dollars

This ladder can be made in various configurations: 2 gas cans, 2 tires, tire on the bottom or top.  Can be used as a ladder when tire and gas can are removed.

Weights: A 5 gallon gas can and weighs about 45 lbs full.  The stock 14 inch steel wheel and tire weigh 45 lbs.  The South African 15" alloy wheel with
Agilis 51 tire ( 215 65 ) weighs 50 lbs.

Questions and Orders
Gary Lee - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
403 272-7284
email -

A Ladder fitted with carriers for a shovel, Axe, gas can and traction ramp
Carry a gas can, Hi-lift jack and one bike
Combo ladder.  Cargo carrying shelf and bike carrier
Page 2 of Ladder pictures
Carry a tire and gas can
Fold down shelf and removable tire carrier
Ladder - packed weight and dimensions for shipping

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