VW Vanagon racks and ladders. Carriers for tires, gas cans, jacks and bikes

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Vanagon Ladder and bike carrier

The upper bike mounts are at different levels so that the bikes can be closer together.  
You will need to use a 2 piece bike carrier for the bike over the ladder.  The outer bike can be a tray style bike carrier.

Bike carriers are not included.

Vanagon Rear Ladder, no options $355

Four types of bike rack bars:
1. Bike
carrying bars, welded on, one side, for one bike $40
2. Clamp on bike bars, one side, for one bike, can be installed on either side of ladder $70
3. Removable bike bars, bars plug into sockets, tight - does not rattle, per side, for one bike $80
4. Clamp on wide bike bars, span across the rack to both sides.  Includes two long bars and attachment clamps $250

Vanagon ladder bike rack

Vanagon ladder bike rack