Roof racks for VW Vanagon Westfalia

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VW Vanagon Westfalia Roof racks

1.  My roof rack bars are 1" outside diameter round tubing.
2.  These roof racks only fit Westfalia pop tops, as pictured on my web site. They do not fit Reimo or Adventurewagen or Countryhomes tops.
3.  The Rear bar can only be mounted at the very back of the pop top.  You can order two forward bars.
4.  The forward bar will only fit in the two narrower sections of the pop top.  The forward bar will not fit on the fixed in place section of the top that is directly above the driver.
5.  Some awnings will not fit with my roof rack bars in place, the Fiamma F45 is one for example.  Some people have modified their awning mounts to make it work.  See the last 3 pictures below.

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