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Vanagon Westfalia Roof Rack system

This roof rack attaches to both the fiberglass pop top and it has rain gutter clamps.  It only fits the Vanagon Westfalia, see this page for passenger van roof racks
Vanagon passenger van roof racks

The special order rear rack bar only fits at the very rear of the pop top (the pop top is curved in two planes).  The front bar only fits in
the two narrower sections of the pop top. It does not fit at the very front, the fixed section of the roof. Standard installation is two forward bars, this is what I normally ship.
If you order a front and rear bar, your Safari basket (if ordered) will be at the very back of the van.
Having the basket at the very back is the most practical, you can access it from the rear and it is easier to pop the top. 

Tip:  To pop the top with heavy items like a canoe or two sea kayaks, one person is inside the van lifting the bar and another climbs up to the outside front cargo tray and lifts from there.

Roof racks and awnings

Roof rack Installation instructions

Vanagon Westfalia roof racks, pair $345
Additional forward roof rack bar (single) $172
Boat Loading Bar $125 extra
Safari basket $345
Jack carrier for safari basket $99 extra
Shovel and axe carrier for Safari Basket $99
Tire carrier for safari basket $39 extra
An additional forward roof rack bar which is the same height as the Safari Basket $185
Optional Tie down loops for roof rack bars $4 each loop
Shipping for a pair of roof racks is about $35 - $55 depending on where you live.

Sea Kayak on Westfalia Roof Racks
Westfalia roof racks, Safari Basket
Westfalia roof racks, Safari Basket

Westfalia roof racks, safari basket, syncro westy
Large Safari Basket dimensions
Pop top clamp
Thule Hullavator

Westfalia Roof rack adapters for Yakima rack bars

Artificial rain gutter adapters for Westfalia

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VW Vanagon Westfalia roof racks