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VW Eurovan racks now available 1992 - 2002

VW Vanagon Racks and Carriers 1980 - 1991
Bike Rack, Roof Rack, Ladder, Spare Tire Carrier, Gas Can Carrier, Jack Carrier

Vanagon Rear Hatch Rack
Fold down shelf can be used for bikes or other cargo.  No drilling or holes needed to install.
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Vanagon Rear Ladder
A ladder to access the roof of your vanagon.  Can be fitted with optional gas can, jack and tire carriers.

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Ladder and bike carrier
Carry two bikes on 1/2 the rear door
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Vanagon Swing Away Tire Carrier
A swing away tire carrier for your syncro with big tires. 
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Vanagon Side Ladder
A movable temporary ladder to get to roof top storage on your Westy or passenger van. 
Sized for the Vanagon.
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Vanagon Multipurpose Rack
A versatile one piece rack system which can be ordered with a variety of options.  Use with your Yakima or Thule bike carrier hardware. 
Can be fitted with a gas can carrier, tire carrier, jack carrier, fold down shelf.
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Westfalia Roof Rack System
Roof rack bars which attach to both the pop top and has rain gutter clamps. Good for heavy loads and other large things like canoes.
A Safari basket which clamps to the racks is available
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Roof racks for Vanagon passenger van - non westfalia
Roof Racks


Swing Out Bike Carrier
A Swing Out bike carrier. 
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Swing Out Rack
Fold down shelf
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Swing Out Tire and Bike Carrier
A swing away carrier which can hold both a spare tire and two bikes
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Swing Out Tire and Gas Can Carrier

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Front Bike Carrier
Carry bikes on the front of your vanagon
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Front bed - Childs cot
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Rear Tube bumper and hitch
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Vanagon Winch Mount

Details common to all racks and carriers
Color is black powder coat.  Tubing is sandblasted and chemically cleaned before powder coating. 
All fasteners are stainless steel, all nuts are stainless nylock type.
Joints are TIG welded, not MIG welded (higher quality, better appearance). 
Gas can carrier is removable and made for NATO spec 5 gallon / 20 liter gas can.  Three handles on top.
Gas can carrier options available for the Ladder and Wide Rack

Info, prices and orders:
Gary Lee
Calgary, Alberta, Canada (403) 272-7284

All prices are in US dollars

* Building Racks exclusively for the Vanagon for over 15 years *

New How  to keep the rear hatch open with a rack mounted

Comments from people who have purchased my racks
Some more assorted rack pictures
Gas can carrier options available for the Ladder and Wide Rack
Optional tie down loops
Vanagon Hi-Lift jack adapter
Some more Vanagon pictures

Close up detail pictures
Replacement brackets for the Paulchen rack

Some of my Vanagon modifications and info

A few simple Vanagon Westfalia modifications
Motorcycle on the back of Vanagon
Dual Fuel conversion on a Vanagon, propane/gasoline
Dual Fuel conversion on a BMW 528e, propane/gasoline
1988 T3 Reimo 1.6 TD High roof
Webasto BBW 46 Gas Heater, optional on Canadian and European Syncros
Rear hatch support, keep your door open with weak hatch struts
Westfalia rear facing 5th seat
Westfalia Dometic RMB182B Fridge instruction and repair manual PDF format document
VW Factory AFM harness pictures, "Vanagon Syndrome"

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